Digging through the Internet this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

We found a new sex organ in insects. It’s a female “penis”, and it’s the only one.

To make video games feel more realistic, you have to slow them down. Less Sonic, more Call of Duty

New study about the cognitive dangers of marijuana may be half-baked

MIT has made a material that is both mirror and window

Another perpetually recycled workout myth bites the dust: “Cool downs” have no real benefit

You are a forgery and stubbing your toe on a rock is actually a family squabble

Using nearly every form of media to explore the peeps and suspended animation of a frozen frog

Breathe deep and inhale the dust–the story of the universe, our planet, and our world

“We’re confident that ballistic methods are reliable ways of computing pi, should the apocalypse occur”

This unlucky viper messed with the wrong centipede

“Only four tiny modifications to group A Strep caused it to explode into a worldwide epidemic

Showing our faulty intuitive physics: How do you think a balloon moves in a car?

The vacuum cleaners of the forest floor affect it substantially, but would you guess they are salamanders?

The gliding ant with a head like a door that gets turned into a berry by a mind-controlling parasite

A 2D Rubens’ Tube is officially one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen


Extreme Nerdery

Scientifically accurate Spongebob Squarepants is a bit darker than the original

I had a dream in a locked room…A dream that I was a True Detective cosplayer at WonderCon.


Dilapidated home video game art is all the rage, beautiful.

Someone made a female jaeger costume from Pacific Rim and it’s amazing.

Even I was surprised how much science is hiding in Captain America’s physically ridiculous shield

You know nothing Jon Snow…about wearing the right clothes for the coming winter

If you turn the Earth into a buzzsaw, moonlight would scour the solar system clean

The True Detective/Family Circus mash-up the Internet demanded

If you can find the glitches, video game speed running is an Olympic sport: Half-Life in 21 minutes

Perfect: 3D-printed Minecraft worlds

Mario barely completed a 5K to raise awareness for princess theft, literally

You can make 5,551 words from “antidisestablishmentarianism”

Could the Game of Thrones poisoning happen in real life?

The Fifth Element retold in less than 20 bits


Sciencey GIFs and Images

There is a fair amount of momentum behind a fastball

Russian dashcams are the biggest accidental boon to astronomy ever

Solar panels on satellites use this “Miura fold” to minimize space while maximizing surface area

Rust was right; we are a gutter in outer space

The fluid mechanics at your bar

Indonesian Orangutan rescued for air gun pellet removal

“Don’t touch this king crab.” “Sure, evolution.” “Seriously, don’t touch it.”

Science GIF Hall of Fame inductee #001: Mercury balloon pops

Science GIF Hall of Fame inductee #002: Striking a flint is like sparking a tiny galaxy

It was the natural extension and I love it: 3D printed stop-motion animations

The universe does not care about you, but there are still donuts

MRI strawberries!


Pop Culture Happenings

Does It Matter If ‘Heaven Is For Real’? Yes. It does. Especially if you are exploiting a child’s hallucinations.

If this installation shows anything, it’s that taking x-rays can certainly be art

Oh my lovely goodness: Hummingbird flip-books

“More than 1 in 7 of all homicide victims globally is a young male aged 15-29 in the Americas.”

Man plays arcade game for 85 hours, using extra lives to take power naps