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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

The nerdiest thing I have ever written, enjoy: The Ocarina of Time Travel, Extra Dimensions, And Branching Universes ocarinaoftimegreatdekutreelegendofzeldan64Bill Maher: Anti-Science Knuckle Dragger? He gets a lot right, but a lot of science dead wrong.

 Check out my new series of 6-second science videos I am working on!

More Americans are likely to try avoiding gluten than try dieting. “…the Jennifer Lawrence of food trends.”

 Support indie art and celebrate Einstein’s birthday on Pi day this week. Hand drawn manga Einsteins!

Watch this guy pilot a radio-controlled plane from the edge of space back to the ground. Amazing views

Watch an octopus larva have some quick fun with its chromatophores

 Sometimes old school is best: The animatronics behind Jurassic Park’s “Spitter”

Have you ever seen a wasp stinger up close? It’s like a tiny hypodermic needle

On CRE, an explainer on “Nightmare Bacteria.” “The antibiotics free-for-all has to end.”

To truly label all “genetically modified” foods, Whole Foods would have to slap a label on…everything it sells

 Why do mammals like to be stroked? Using LOLcats as brilliant science communication.

So far, the success rate for all the couples married on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is 12%.

Need to chill out? Watch thousands of ball bearings tumble around.

 The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble

You are programmed to die, have a nice day. The Science of Aging

Achievement Unlocked [Comic]

 An animated version of The Matrix, in 60 seconds. This is probably better than the third movie.

Have you ever seen a Goblin shark? Umm, what’s the word for ugly+cool?

The real power of The Force [Comic]

Real life Frogger with a mother duck and her chicks. Terrifying

“Extremeophile?” How about “Lord of the Springs?” How microbes steal to survive

 These before and after images of the earthquake clean-up in Japan are stunning

Study proves which StarCraft race will take over our galaxy

Fifty Shades of Grey in the animal kingdom. New episode of Wild Sex features “traumatic insemination.” Yay!

Latest “Bad Lip Read” of Spiderman is hilarious, and the science of why it is so funny

 Inside the consciousness of a cat: They too freak out over optical illusions

Neil deGrasse Tyson asks, “How much would you pay for the Universe?

Explore the entire history of Earth in one hour thanks to this awesome inforgraphic

Vainilla [Vanilla] derives from vaina, from the Latin vagina (sheath), to describe the way the pod must be split open to expose the seeds.

Heh. The *actual* “friend zone”

 “Don’t let life randomly kick you into the adult you don’t want to become.” Wonderful comic featuring the words of Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Woah. How old are all the Disney Princesses? How many men you think just became creeps?

Sounding the alarm on the latest superbug, CRE

Vintage anatomical charts of men and women as cool retro GIFs

Via Brain Pickings

What happens when two Falcon Punches collide?

 OOHHHhhhh. That’s how a key lock works [GIF]

We have now imaged every square meter of Mercury and it is (false-color) gorgeous

 “Neuroscience holds a prism up to human nature. Be suspicious of anyone who says there are no colours to be seen.”

A new study shows an association between more gun laws and fewer gun deaths, but we still need more research

The science of the stone skip. Something to teach to my eventual child

You will always this read wrong

 That is the *best* photo of a Tardigrade I have ever seen. Fantastically Hi-Res

Catastrophes in perspective. You should be afraid of heart disease, not an earthquake

The percentages of Genius. I’d have more crushing depression, but that’s personal preference

This artist recreates the biological beauty in a petri dish, to amazing effect

A TED talk on how we found the Giant Squid. Beautiful footage if you haven’t seen it already

Watch a water droplet grow a tiny ice forest

 I could watch these slow-mo animal strikes all day (except for the mantis shrimp one, it scares me)

  • “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed as aliens.”
  • “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent a way that aliens could have done it.”
  • “Somewhere, there is something incredible waiting to be confused for aliens.”
  • “Extraordinary claims require an extraordinary amount of hair gel.”
  • A Tumblr just for the Ancient Aliens dude

Cicadas stretch bacterial membranes until they rip like latex gloves, confirming my “cicadas are awesome” hypothesis

 A simple description of Kurzweil’s new book: “…fairly readable, moderately informative, but wildly overstated.”

Is male circumcision justified? In which an orgasm is compared to an explosion victim

How to win a climate change argument, in one chart.

Is it better to let a limb wither and die, or to eat and digest it?

True facts about Morgan Freeman

 Put a hairdrier in a box and it will destroy the Earth.

How do water striders make shadows in the water? It’s a fun bit of physics

I view religions as cults that have achieved respectability.”

Like classic art? Like weird GIFs? You’ll like this

I did the math: It would only take about 60kg of pure LSD to get every man, woman, and child in the US trippin’. #overthink

 Gorgeous snakes as art (last photo is nature as near death experience).

Moray eels are scary enough, until you realize they have an extra pair of jaws like Xenomorphs

Imagine a penis-like organ to cool your brain and feel for food. This whale doesn’t have to imagine

This deserves a re-watch: Adam Savage on faith in yourself at the Reason Rally

Making alternative medicine practitioners primary care doctors would be “disastrous

A TED timelapse of how “invisible man” Liu Bolin vanishes on stage

 Have you ever seen a ribbon eel swim? It’s like nature’s rhythmic gymnastics

Look out ladies, I will propose to you with this ring

You could always take a break and look at this “3D” nebula

Best. Dad. Ever. Dad builds son X-Wing bed fully outfitted w/ DVD player

If you could kinda see in infrared, you’d wow, and then appreciate your own spectrum

If you balance it right, you can make a magnet “tractor beam”

 Is every “Why are scientists…” question googled by a conservative?

“Watson, what do you conclude from the conspicuous lack of fecal matter?”

“…No shit Sherlock.”

There is a limited edition of Fahrenheit 451 bound with asbestos so that it won’t burn

 I will instantly get behind this line of transforming dresses, they just need the Optimus Prime sound

Want to be a pool shark? Physics and a sweet projector make it super easy