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Science to Read, Watch

Technically, the inland taipan is the most toxic—but other snakes are more dangerous

Body “detox” is not a thing. So what actually works?

The most detailed tweet map ever

A collection of perceptual illusions to break your brain

Lobotomized fish let us learn the *fascinating* hunting techniques of the electric eel

Amazing videos from the electric eel study which show the animals are highly sophisticated tasers

Have a problem with leaves on your train tracks? Vaporize them duh

Is the Earth actually flat?

Does the psychology of being watched mean that police body cameras will work? Well, it’s complicated

This Is an Actual Insect. This Is Not a Joke

No, that owl wasn’t swimming for fun, it was running for its life. It’s ok now though

Why does super hot stuff sometimes feel cold? It might be confused nerves

Graphene can withstand bullets better than steel

2014 To Be Hottest Year Ever Measured

Crows can be right or left-beaked, but that has more to do with their eyesight

Wonderful Things: The Giant Transparent Ribbons of Eel Larvae

Squirrels gain muscle *during* hibernation

Fruit Bats Have Sonar Too (But It’s Not Very Good)

An infographic of the vehicles that have tried to slap gravity in the face, side by side

Why hasn’t technology revolutionized education?

Most sharks are like adorable Pokemon, not man-eaters

Atomic tests on houses show so much raw power

Watching a bug get zapped in slo-mo is as gruesome as you think

Sharks eat snotworms which eat whales

Introduce a tradition into a population of birds and it spreads, lives on in offspring

Huh. Pufferfish don’t hold their breath to get puffed up

Geckos have an incredibly strong grip even after death

“The scientific literature does not support claims of software-based ‘brain games’

The CDC supports male circumcision

We Lose A Chunk Of Antarctic Ice The Size Of Mt. Everest Every 2 Years

Liquids are weird. This WIRED gallery proves it

Scientist behind Jurassic World trailer confirms dino-Shamu is in fact a non-dino mosasaur

The second biggest living insect is a stick

Spiders and insects may be eating 2,100 pounds (950 kilograms) of food waste each year in NYC

Intel upgrades Stephen Hawking’s communication systems

Scientists talk of curiosity as Joe Hanson builds Curiosity

This is what our galaxy’s magnetic field looks like

The microbe that causes plague choked fleas to spread better

Seals are taking bites out of dolphins

Poaching A Venus Flytrap In North Carolina Could Now Get You Two Years In Prison

What do you do when your brain is out to sea?

We’ve found a carnivorous plant trapped in amber. You know what that means: JURASSIC PLANT

Wanderers“: A beautiful, inspiring short film narrated by Carl Sagan, influenced by real places in our solar system

This is the color of Comet 67P

You can make your own Orgone Accumulator, but it won’t work. The story is interesting though

Gull populations are exploding and eating the backs of whales. The whales are responding

Where do all the mosquitoes go when the dry season comes, and can that knowledge help us fight malaria?

Very cool interactive showing the relative abundances of the elements in our bodies, in the Earth, and more

Among 8 new spider species found in a tiger reserve, “The most aggressive piece of poop on the planet.”

Acid doesn’t really melt stuff like in the movies…unless it’s sulfuric acid and a sponge

A cast of the inside of your ear makes surprisingly decent jewelry


Extreme Nerdery

Traffic Light That Lets You Play Pong with Person on the Other Side Officially Installed in Germany

Why can’t anyone pick up Thor’s hammer?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Shot for Shot Remake with Original Trilogy Footage

When Gangnam Style necessitated a YouTube code change, it said more about modern life than “breaking” anything

“Red Dead Redemption feels like a Western because it sounds like a Western.” The importance of sound in video games

Does Sean Bean really die more than other actors? I checked!

If this LEGO particle accelerator gets enough support we can all find a minifigs boson!

Street Fighter motion sculptures

Colbert legitimately impressed me with his deceptively simple defense of the trisaber

Want a Planet Earth-style documentary made entirely in GTA V? Sure

The longest, nerdiest discussion of font you’ll read today (or ever)

Grab a Because Science t-shirt!

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a trisaber, because we should make a great disturbance in the comments section

The trisaber gets *much* cooler when you go full-on anime

I’m not sure there is a guitar big enough to accompany the person who rides this motorcycle


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Center of (ship) gravity

My old statics class would have been a lot more fun analyzing situations like this

Redditor ITwitchToo animates Eirik Solheim’s 3,888 images of his yard over a whole year

Dude wakes up to optics — a pinhole projection of the pool under his apartment

A bullet isn’t as quick as det cord, in case you were wondering

A half-time show with a bit of mathematical flair

Getting up close and personal with the successful Orion launch

Terrible Idea #10928290: Poking an anaconda’s face

Igniting an oil rig’s exhaust pipe with a flare gun

I don’t audibly “wow” often, but the sonic control of Styrofoam is incredible

Which came first, the chicken or the crazy growth enhancements? (The chicken)

Engineer’s Tinder

I love seeing NBA shots spliced together. Here’s LeBron

The Cubli, a gyroscopically stabilized awesomecube

So many different speeds in the same GIF

A simulation of the rivers and streams of New Zealand

When you turn a snowblower into a vehicle

The next generation of bathroom technology

Blowing on a cluster of baby spiders

Igniting an oil well

How to make an owl evil


Blow-dried cows

Measuring your heartbeat during a marriage proposal

It’s a 1Hz time-dependent electric field, yeah, but you can just stare at it too

The Moon rises above the atmosphere

Induction is awesome

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Seven baby bat burritos


Pop Culture Happenings

Chlorine gas attack at Chicago area furry convention hospitalizes 19, hotel evacuated”

Bouncy balls on an escalator is some kind of perpetual bounce device


The game I’m most excited about — No Man’s Sky — gets another trailer, makes my hair stand on end

Do you like domino effects but wish that shit was getting blowed up?

20 Facts That Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Science

Making birds out of feathers

Ebola fears bring female genital mutilation to near halt in Sierra Leone

Your email is a monster

Huh. Hans Gruber had that priceless fall-face because the director dropped him on “1” instead of “3”

The infinitely detailed pen and ink drawings of Ben Sack

Don’t worry. We found those brains

The secrets to Jackie Chan’s action-comedy

The steampunk dove of sculptor Igor Verniy

Dan Osman was one hell of a rock climber

Stephen Hawking wants to be a BOND villain. Just imagine Daniel Craig falling into a black hole…

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