Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.”

Carl Sagan would have been 80 this week. We miss you Carl. Your way with words gets me every time

The most objective study yet finds no link between violent video games and violent behavior

When to fly to get there on time? Six million flights analyzed

It’s actually smart to be mean online

Hummingbirds use their pointed beaks for sipping nectar…and throat-stabbing

Rocket experiment captures glow attributed to renegade stars in intergalactic space

How Did Porcupine Repel 17 Lions? Explaining Viral Video

You should watch an insect breathe

Bats jam each other’s echolocation in acoustic warfare

We used to think that elephants didn’t have knees

The most beautiful slug lays tortilla shell eggs and concentrates venom in its skin. And swims.

How to make a ghost from a machine

A pulsing pastry termite queen might put out 219,000,000 eggs in her lifetime

The hills are alive with the sound of…West Coast Bull Tahr

The LHC will eventually record 400,000 terabytes of data each year

Your desk chair is killing you, slowly, menacingly

We only learned about the microbe most influenced by our genes three years ago

We are learning how “the perfect human pathogen” makes us poop all weekend

This is what a baby solar system looks like

Professor Mark Weislogel likes to drop goldfish from buildings. Don’t worry, it’s for science.

This is what it looks like when two black holes consume each other

We know what detonating an atomic bomb in space looks like because we tried it

The Astonishing Weaponry of Dung Beetles

Why are there so few left-handed people?

“On average, GM tech reduced pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68%

Intel’s Prize-Winning Wearable Is A Selfie-Taking Drone That Lives On Your Wrist

There is no “healthy” microbiome

They released the paper! “An Immense Concentration Orb-Weaving Spiders

29 bullet points explaining why we are currently screwed with climate change

This new clock can sense the pace of time speeding up as it moves inch by inch away from the earth’s core.”


Extreme Nerdery

Yeah, X-Men: Days of Future Past did have some pretty jacked-up time travel logic

I got to ride the Hendo hoverboard. It’s pretty McFly

New book Faster, Higher, Stronger why the future of sports depends on nerds

Stunning Shadow of the Colossus fan art

What putting a GoPro inside a floating sphere of water in space looks like

Get the physics just right and you can turn a wormhole into a time machine


The AVENGERS’ Helicarrier is Finally Real (For Model Airplanes)

I got my hands on a limited edition Cards Against Humanity science pack. It’s pretty darn funny

What Reddit Would Look Like If It Were A Real Geographic Place

Zuckerberg makes the minimum wage worker’s daily salary every second, or 25 water bottles full of change

How does the famous “Missingno” glitch work?

The walking dead don’t stand a chance against wildlife

Sooo, this interactive tells me that I can’t outrun a velociraptor, or t. rex, but I’ll destroy a tortoise


Sciencey GIFs and Images

The letter “e” on New York Times newsprint, in Times New Roman size 10

Animation of shortest possible tour of all Sweden’s cities, towns and villages. 72,500 km in total

A polymer ball’s natural habitat is the water, where it’s invisible

How fast are jumping spiders? It looks like they can *teleport*

Sometimes ice appears out of anime mallet space

The owl mothership has returned

High phase of crescent Saturn and Titan

This image isn’t moving. C’mon brain you can do this.

“The Luckiest Penguin”

Don’t forget to open the valves when you’re creating a vacuum in your truck

Some video of the robodorable baby penguin rover

Stereographic projection is sorcerer math

That’s not a zoom lens, *this* is a zoom lens

Alright, I don’t believe this at all, but this shuttle launch cloud made a dragon?

A shot of a rotary sander while running


Pop Culture Happenings

Marie Curie’s papers are still radioactive

Big Hero 6 Is One Of The Year’s Best Science Fiction Films, Period

“Everyone who denies climate change has the same stirring message: I have no idea what the f*** I’m talking about.”

I can’t explain Too Many Cooks, you just have to watch it

Teamwork when a man’s leg doesn’t mind the gap

Anthropologists Are On The Verge Of Figuring Out How You’re Supposed To Read Tumblr Comments


Ionizing laser pulses can make art that flickers in the air

They threatened to walk off set if he tried it, and he didn’t even flinch

Grand Theft Auto V absolutely deserves to be played in first-person

Twitter has given you away New Yorkers. Science says you can’t stop slacking off after noon

I have no idea what this beautiful and odd sounding instrument is, but I love it

Fabien Cousteau: What I learned from spending 31 days underwater

I don’t care if it’s from 2007, the headline is gold

Hire Caroline, editor

Hardcore: An action film made entirely in first-person with Sharlto Copley

Woah dude. Surfing at 1,000 frames per second

Absolutely awesome: Aug(de)mented Reality 2

…it actually made my heart hurt.” — The Mountain

Tyson Boop