Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

Why a dead blue whale is so important to science

The third picture in this BBC piece on remote-controlled surgery completely blows my mind

What Seven Years at the Bottom of the Sea Does to a Shipping Container

Potentially the biggest dinosaur ever discovered has man-sized bones

Everything tastes salty, and only salty, to whales. They’re unlike all other mammals

GE has made new MRIs that are getting ever closer to frog levitation

Title of study including 1.2 million children: “Vaccines are not associated with autism

More than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being medicated for ADHD outside pediatric guidelines

The scariest inhabitant of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Petrichor: The smell after it rains

Take Steven Pinker’s short psychology quiz

“Gluten sensitivity”: Probably a nocebo response from a food fad

Why octopus arms never get tangled

How you give a spider a personality test (POKE IT)

In a few decades, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot could be gone

What Do Animals See in a Mirror?

A new way to measure animal energy expenditure, expect for jellies, which nail the whole drifting thing

You and your mom are even more connected than you think

The Internet and the Web are not the same thing, and one is a deep, dark ocean

How much of fairness is innate? That’s a really complicated question

New study on cell phone use and brain cancer doesn’t really find anything either way

Climate change is dire, but the timescales are long

John Oliver and Bill Nye show the only real way to have a climate change debate

Does This Cannon Make My Butt Look Big?


Extreme Nerdery

Suitably epic Game of Thrones infographic will get you up to date on the coming winter

Godzilla urinates like a thunderstorm

Dude has a MUCH better movie room than you (if you have one)

Those giant Super Mario bullets are nothing to be afraid of, because physics

Pokemon drawn as Mayan art is GREAT.

Jurassic Park lied to you: A T. rex could totally see you better than you could see it

FINALLY pneumatic Wolverine claws

This is the military’s actual plan to put down a zombie horde…even from space

Some math on the most expensive lawsuit EVER

Why do men gender-switch in games more than women? The hot avatars


Don’t try to stabilize Brad Pitt from 12 Monkeys, it just gets weirder

Realistic Yoshi is how you’d expect a meeting with a live dinosaur would go

There is some monster bass behind Godzilla’s roar sound design

We don’t get to see all of Sherlock’s mistakes

xkcd’s Randall Munroe on “What If” and the time Google trolled him

Beach body

“A list of movies that had a key character acquire superpowers from egregious violations of safe workplace practices

Real-world Bioshock Infinite health regeneration is reallllly trashy

Sitting down with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, talking about Spider-Man and science

This Super Mario/Game of Thrones intro mash-up is perfect

The glaring inaccuracies of The Desolation of Smaug, because pedantry

I stomp around with some Godzilla biology in my first Nerdist video!


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Heavy rainfall on sand dunes can lead to large-scale slumping

Dolphin uppercut

Really dude?

Picture of Pogonomyrmex californicus burnt into an aluminum nest cast

Long week. You need this sloth GIF so much

After surgery to remove cancer from the right half of her pelvis, Jen O’shea discovered she had a new talent

A heated drop of lead hitting water hides the crazy complicated physics going on with awesomeness

NEVER take the skin off a robot if it is a robot baby

Twitter’s logo is made from circles

These sloth facts are totally wrong and adorable

Science GIF Hall of Fame Inductee #005: Reverse crab molt

“Evolution made the male ruff bird after watching one too many British period dramas.”

Opportunity traced the position of the Sun on Mars at the same time of day over a Martian year

Strong magnet versus old TV

You don’t need special effects if you have a good camera and some ferrofluid

Belief in a higher power over time

Real-life Zelda cuckoo attack

We are sure that owls aren’t Batman right?

Pollution looked real odd on May 14, 2011

Neptune and its faint rings, imaged by Voyager, wowed at by me

See a flower poop a strawberry

The Best Way To Transport A Rhino? Upside Down, Tied to a Helicopter

Neil Tyson on while you should wear your seatbelt ALL THE TIME

Seeing an atom bomb explode is always going to be one of those “what have we created…” moments

I don’t care what it’s actually called, it is the MC Hammer bird to me

Just imagine stepping on this on the beach for a second

Ahh. The physics of baseball

Long-exposure light-tipped helicopter

Cats also act like a field when exposed to an outside pressure wave


Pop Culture Happenings

Alexandra Khitrova got a new career after finding out she was amazing at fantasy concept art

New York: Stop using soap with microbeads and messing up the ocean and get a loofah

The hand-painted and animated “GIF-iti” of artist INSA is inspired

This is probably the only stretch of water that no one will save you from. The reason? It’s electrified

The ice cream truck song was the melody for one of the most racist songs ever

This gallery of HR Giger art disturbed me, which is probably what he would have wanted

Give yourself a bedbug tattoo, because reasons!

Love the scientific typeface that illustrates great inventions

A measured longread on the quagmire that is GMO labeling politics

This little kid is better at yo-yo than I am at anything

Fantastic Fungi: The Startling Visual Diversity of Mushrooms Photographed by Steve Axford

There are Number 1 pencils!

So interesting: Should a self-driving car drive you off a cliff?