Digging through the web this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

New periodic charts with have a 117th element: “ununseptium

“And so it seems that in perpetually dangerous Australia, even the sex can kill you.”

The Baltimore “sinkhole” was actually a landslide, because geology

Parasites can indeed be a cuisine, depending on how you feel about lampreys…

Do you even know what you’re saying? Depends on if a psychologist is messing with you

From now on, use your middle initial, or make one up: One letter makes you seem smarter

Birds chirping in Chernobyl adapting to low doses of radiation

You can see the eyes of this jumping spider move inside of its head

Your “lip dimple” betrays how your face formed

What’s the Pressure Inside an Exploding Whale?

Physics, not aliens, is the best explanation for pyramid construction

The fork-tailed drongo is a lying bird that cries wolf for food

“Shock therapy” isn’t what it looks like in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s actually safe and effective

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re not being followed…by hundreds of sharks

New species of spider is a “flic-flacker”–a cartwheeling arachnid

These fish learned to use a tool, so should we re-think tool use?

On this exoplanet, you’d have a birthday every 122 Earth days

Your subconscious Rock-Paper-Scissors strategy is a lot more complicated than you think

“I’ve fallen through the side of a whale up to my chest…It’s not very nice.” A Brief History of Exploding Whales

Genes code for life, but where do new genes come from? Mutation!

Tomatoes Build Pesticides From The Smells Of Their Neighbours

The math on how many death-row inmates have been wrongly convicted

How many things are there in the universe? It’s really the thoughts that count

Why is ketchup so hard to pour? It’s non-Newtonian! You know, like blood.

On anesthetizing an octopus

This sponge absorbs its prey like The Thing

It is amazing how well this works! How to See Without Glasses


Extreme Nerdery

The moon in Majora’s Mask didn’t have enough energy to destroy anything, Link you stupid kid

The Danish get slo-mo. Put 20 crazy things in one video and set it to weird music

You never did a barrel roll in Star Fox 64. You’re welcome.

Bioshock Infinite’s floating city of Colombia recreated in Minecraft


Peter Parker and Clark Kent: Very Unethical Journalists

Before anything explodes, my nerdiest whale science: Costanza and the Whale

What the nerdiest chart of sci-fi ships says about our dreams of space

This is what Spider-Man’s wrist launcher would really look like (cumbersome)

Explaining the science behind a very satisfying Game of Thrones poisoning

xkcd answers a little girl’s question about building a billion-floor skyscraper. Brilliant science communication

A quick overview of the new science of memes. Y U NO READ?

This is where the words we use for the universe come from

Cavitation at the bottom of a bottle is like a science play. Lovely

The legends were true! There was a landfill filled with Atari games during the “video game crash”


Sciencey GIFs and Images

Incredible photo of Iran from the ISS. This is land, not water!

The only person ever hit by an asteroid: Ann Hodges in 1954

How space debris has increased over time. Thanks Chinese satellite impacts

Science GIF Hall of Fame Inductee #004: An octopus trying to not walk like an octopus

A banana tree cross-section up close

I’ll take a dog-sized cat that could easily kill me over a dog any day

The latest pale blue dot is Uranus from Saturn

10 gifs of animals trying to get the hell away from that approaching deep sea sub


Internet commentors when they meet each other in real life

Brooded juveniles in Japanese Bathynomus

Atmospheric pressure can make a kick-ass koi pond installation if you know how to manipulate it

Science fiction has predictive power because science really works

Giant anteater legs are pandas

A tornado, touching down almost motionless, is terrifying

So. Some worms have teeth.

One of the very coolest things I have ever seen: Workers lighting an oil well on fire

This is how a particle actually moves on ocean waves, despite what you may have heard

I don’t know why anyone is throwing this much electricity at a CD, but I don’t really care

Radiologists selfie…

The flight physics of a knuckleball are really, really weird


Pop Culture Happenings

Alright. Call of Duty with Kevin Spacey looks pretty damn cool, you got me

Artist Adam Lister paints 8-bit watercolor paintings of pop culture

Seeing the “Baltimore landslide” eat half a block of cars is legitimately scary

You Know Those Cheesy Thrift Shop Paintings? This Guy Adds Monsters to Them

Keep in mind that if “chemtrails” were a thing, there would be millions of planes spraying the skies

http://Gizoogle.net Just try it.

Wildlife photographer David Yarrow’s pictures of Kenya are amazing

“Mosquito Week” at Bill Gates’s blog urges us to focus on the animals that actually kill people

Monowheels: The coolest deathtrap on one wheel

GRR Martin says he’d rather have us killing like the Dothraki than drones. I think he sounds horrifying

Chernobyl’s “sarcophagus” needed to be replaced with the biggest moveable structure ever built