I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

Don’t pander out of fear to those who are already afraid of the wrong things, like water fluoridation

A wrecking ball made out of Miley Cyrus would have to swing pretty fast

The quotes in here sum up my feelings on anti-vax really well: “Messing with nature is the whole point of medicine

No diet is best

You might as well drink Avogadro’s bones at 200C: Why homeopathy is nonsense

How to Turn a Pencil Into a Diamond

You remember that? How sure are you? Our most confident memories can be completely wrong

The horrors that were demons and ghosts, but are now sleep paralysis

The chemistry of tear gas canisters

Things you need to know about moray eels: 1) They have ALIEN jaws. 2) They have a gorgeous, ribbon-like larval stage.

For a good go at Humanity 2.0, we have to send starships out with at least 10,000 people on them

The cutest birds are still splitting into more cute birds

Order of worst bee sting pain: face, penis, upper lip, nostril

Beluga whales have love handles because airplanes have stabilizers

Excuse me, Mr. Toad, I think you have something in your eye…

Bookmarked: A fun and thorough asteroid impact simulator

Another large study doubts the benefits of mammography

If you could break physics and bring a disco ball moon into the sky, it would be beyond cool

Watch a very patient woman explain the New Zealand giant weta while it bites the hell out of her

When snake oil is whale blubber: Sit in a dead whale for 30 hours to cure rheumatism!

It takes practice to fertilize an unconscious female mosquito with the decapitated body of a dead male

So, statistically, it seems like zebra stripes are for reducing fly bites. But no one knows how the stripes do it?

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

I had no idea how a slapshot actually worked! Physics and hockey

Never seen a trilobite beetle before, and now I am really glad that I have. Beautiful.


Extreme Nerdery

Take 15 minutes and watch how the lightsaber was born


The police can pull you over if you are kilometers tall and wield an axe

Was Link dead in Majora’s Mask?

Some science hidden between the bodies littering Game of Thrones

Double fan spends an exorbitant number of hours animating the Game of Thrones theme with Skyrim locations

Ken: Ryu, but totally expendable, as the increasingly geeky Pete Holmes explains

“The interestingness of animals is proportional to how hard it is to find the butt…the octopus is very interesting

Alec Guinness writes to a friend as he begrudgingly prepares to shoot Star Wars


Sciencey GIFs and Images

1,600,000 miles away and Saturn is still the only thing in sight, or that you’d ever want to see

Celsius and Kelvin aren’t exactly based on favorable body temperatures

So satisfying: The exact moment when two water droplets connect

I was unaware of how hardcore the crab-eater seal’s teeth are.

You’ve got to walk the (dinosaur) walk too.

Do you even work out bro?

Hello arachnophobes, My name is wolf spider mother… Sincerely, Your Nightmares

Needless to say, many of the advertisements on this blog are not scientifically accurate, or really even make sense

Beatrice The Biologist has much more fun animal mascot suggestions

From the ISS, thunderstorms look more like electric jellyfish cruising Earth’s atmosphere

New favorite GIF response to science trolls

No, next traveler in 24 B, the velociraptor is not a 5-foot tall scaly beast, it was a terrifying turkey.

Look, all you gotta do is put some crosses on a checker board and your brain gives up on reality. Know this.

Friction welder is a job I could do all day

I have friends with benefits (which are snakes).

I want to take a skateboard into the thrust chamber of a Titan IV booster

Optical illusions with large boats amuse me. See how good your brain’s shadow recognition software is?


Pop Culture Happenings

That “chupacabra” is a mangy raccoon, get over it

The 3D-printed selfie is the best selfie

There is a very, very exact way to draw Buddha. This 18th century book shows how

Thanks to the Blackwater wildfire attack, each Game of Thrones episode averages 173 on-screen deaths.

Study Finds Earth Located In Lamest Part Of Universe

Happy 80th, Jane Goodall

The first Captain America wasn’t good. Here are 101 reasons why

The sculptures of Jeffro Uitto prove that whatever forms molecules take, they are beautiful

The big battles on Wikipedia: Germany fights pseudoscience, USA…WWE Wrestlers

IPCC: With climate change, the worst is yet to come

Japan’s scientific whaling program is not scientific, and must stop immediately

Japan phone company makes simulation of 1,500 people walking while using their phones, result is what you’d expect