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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

A star died so that you could paint your barn red. Seriously

A Decade of Explosions: What ‘Mythbusters’ Taught Me

Awesome photo of the Australian “Ring of Fire

A really nice write-up to read this week–Richard Feynman: Life, the universe and everything

 Small Study of Reflexology Finds Nothing, Headline Should Read

A bunch of Mobuis strips linked together is so beautiful

 Connect the earth and sky in this beautiful photo, and (I) get unsettling vertigo

“I’m so random!” “Technically, no, you’re not.”

Carbon dioxide and global warming: More is not better

Don’t grab that thing that looks like a branch, it’s filled with wasps. Sleep well.

 First-person lightsaber battles are so f***ing cool

Google releases real-time GIFs of how we are changing the planet. As if you needed any more evidence. You do.

Not only has the “hockey stick” graph resisted all denier attempts at debunking, it is more significant than ever

Seeing pictures like these, on the surface of Venus, I take a moment to think, “Holy ****, this is another planet”

“When we blur the lines between science and religion, we do the world a grave disservice”

Sodium acetate crystallization is one of the prettiest things to see in a lab dish

No, a spider bite did not kill that Slayer guitarist

 It’s Time to Retire “Boob Plate” Armor. Because It Would Kill You

Being able to be a dissident is important, but you might want to avoid Russians with tea

Ferrofluid up close is wallpaper fodder

EA is sick of “violent videogames cause violence” talk, so it’s severing its ties with gun makers

After a tragedy, is skeptical commentary helpful or harmful?

When the cicadas come, keep you mouth closed, seriously

 A very cool animated infographic showing all the recorded meteorite impacts

Kids, did we mention that your janitor is also a crazy-talented Zelda artist?

This music video is catchy, but the really impressive part is the *amazing* paper-craft

How high could you possibly throw something? Let’s measure it in giraffes

 The moment when a lightbulb burns out is like a galaxy of stars suddenly springing to life. Strangely beautiful

Some good articles on vaccine safety lately, but for the love of science, use the right images

I don’t care how much the Super Star Destroyer–Kraken LEGO set would cost. Must. Have. IT

 A blob of mercury having a science dance party

Don’t let XKCD do your footnotes…

Screw science, cut through a meteorite to sell it as a fabulous bookend to some New Ager 

Every word in this sentence is one letter longer than the last, starting with 1

Skull-faced caterpillar? Sign me up

 Awesome approach to animal art: Layer four paintings, reveal each with a different lighting scheme

Want to see the real Chun-Li do a real Lightning Kick?

The titular topic of sweater puppy science

There are no sacred cows in skepticism; it’s a tool for everyone, not an ideology

Being a Nerd: “It’s not about what you love, It’s about how you love it

New study on naturopathy for cardiovascular risk finds nothing

 Celebrate a wonderfully interesting man with one-of-a-kind Richard Feynman Day drawings just for you

400PPM: Where do we go from here?

The Eschersktech

“EMF-sensitive” people are unable to distinguish between real and fake EMF signals, they create their own delusions

A GIF of a molting cicada, in case you won’t be swarmed by them soon

 This must-read comic on depression is one of the most insightful things I’ve read about it

You must see the full body slice-by-slice scan GIF at least once. Maybe ten times

151 artists recreate the 151 original Pokemon for charity. Gyrados is gorgeous

Dream Catcher: The Neuroscience Behind Decoding Dreams. If we look close enough…

I think this one bat is calling for her friend “Greg,” at least that’s what I hear

 *Amazing* stop-motion whiteboard fight between a white board street fighter and a hand

A talk on why parasites are so disgusting, so revolting, so fascinating

The miniature rainbows in an extinguished candle

Washed up “sea monster” once again proves that we have no idea what decomposed animals usually look like

A volcano viewed from the ISS. A plume of pretty

Fill some water balloons with colored water, let them freeze, enjoy the other-worldly marbles

Meet the thousands of people ready to die on Mars

Time to put this to rest: There is no full moon effect on human behavior

This “kinetic sculpture” made from Popsicle sticks is a good thing to spend 5 hours making and 5 secs destroying

Reddit’s tagline should be “The crib sheet for weary bloggers who need to hit page-view quotas.”

 My new favorite word is accompanied by a beautifully poetic description. I feel this all the time

“Glitch furniture” still glitches my brain

Need to see a rainbow in about 10 seconds? Thank your visual system for this illusion

Looks like the reason I couldn’t imitate Dragon Ball Z as a kid was because I didn’t have a hand deformity

I identified the species of worm from that asteroid in Star Wars

Woah dude, that’s like a *slice* of smoke

Baby, I would propose to you with the eclipse

 Animal camouflage amazed me when I was a kid; I bet it will amaze me forever

A GIF of a human knee moving in an x-ray

If you don’t weigh very much, and you have wide webbed feet, you can walk on water

Why Time’s Millennials Cover Story Says More About Joel Stein Than It Does About Millennials

DDT and Sucralose: Looking at exactly why Joseph Mercola is full of shit, and what we can learn

A photographer rediscovers the crumbling remains of Tatooine

Do psychics ever solve crimes? No

I’d give a pinky toe to be able to see this sunset on Mars

 Right up my #Overthink alley: How Much Does Hyrule Castle Cost?

If you accidentally deploy your parachute in the back of a plane, you’re gonna have a bad time

A sculpture all about perspective. Humans vanish when you look from far enough away…

I got two turn tables and a stylus. Of course it draws something cool

 Have you ever noticed how Riker from TNG sits down?! It’s really weird

Wine tasting is bullshit. Here’s why

Sometimes watching paint dry is actually pretty awesome

Glass is not some weird ultra-slow liquid, we now know

 Old illusion but still mind boggling: These blocks are the same color

There is no “balanced” position when it comes to the vaccines/autism fraud

Skepticism doesn’t “coddle” religion, it’s a philosophical imperative to only test the testable

Why Does Music Move Us? A sonorous new episode of It’s Okay to be Smart

If you want to stop a bad guy with a gun, don’t give everyone a gun

A Vine of an octopus vomiting. That is all

 The easiest way to describe how a bat tongue works is that it’s like a human penis

C’mon nerds, must you turn everything into a periodic table?

I want a real Majora’s Mask so baaaad

Take your negatives, pour gas on them, and set them on fire. You get these weirdly pretty results

 Clean a tanker with steam, close off all the valves, and let the steam cool. Very suddenly, our atmosphere crushes it

Hey, sometimes icebergs just implode

76 years ago this week the Hindenburg exploded. This historical footage is spellbinding

What all the pitches during an out look like. Mesmerizing

The human population, in geographical perspective

How your brain completes shapes based on prior information: You don’t see dots, you see a dog

As a friend, still don’t know how to handle this: How eBay Worked With the FBI To Put Its Top Affiliate Marketers In Prison

 That amazing shot of the mothership/supercell storm in Montana is your photo of the day