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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

It’s been an incredible, tense, sad, and somber week for us in the US. Take some time to remember why we love life, and how science and obsession makes it all the more worth living.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

This GIF of an alternate way to visualize the Pythagorean theorem is enlightening

Shark attacks in perspective with a sad infographic

According to this beard-o-graph, I’m dangerous…Canadian hockey player dangerous

This animated 60-sec Star Wars speed run warrants a new word: adorawesome

What Mushroom Clouds Can Reveal About The West Texas Explosion

Canadians are known for their 30-person backflip coordination

The raw infrared footage of the Boston bomber in the boat is mesmerizing

A healthy dose of inspiring reality, courtesy of Science!

When you burn a candle in zero-G, it is way prettier

This sculpture of breakfast sausage won somebody the Nobel prize

Coincidences Are Meaningful, Just Not Like That

Give a maggot a nano-suit of armor to help it survive a vacuum. Or not. Science

Why do we cry?

I signed up for this free course in AGW because our atmosphere needs good representatives

Best evidence for aliens yet

Don’t Burn Your Bra for Science Just Yet. Digging into the “you don’t need a bra” “study”

If you consider your “light size” you are kinda immortal

“If someone scares you, just bend over and fart your lungs out all over that bastard.” True Facts About the Sea Pig

Which dinosaur’s ass could I feasibly kick?

You will love this analog version of Super Mario, in a cardboard box

Awesome chart pron: All the US radio band allocations

How do you make sure the LHC is particulate free? Send a ping pong ball through it, duh

A clever visualization of a hundred Hollywood movies you can sort by budget, rating, and gross

Don’t you want this 6-legged, 4,000 pound riding machine at your kid’s birthday party?

Science on the Vine: Antimatter Beer, Catt Purrs, Climbing Friction, Human Frame Rate

“The idea that students have particular ‘learning styles’ is a persistent one despite the lack of scientific evidence.”

Temple Grandin is wrong on vaccines and autism

The world’s prettiest ice

This “randomness” dude knows how the world really works

Chemophobia FAIL

Bismuth is beautiful

How to convince someone that they have an invisible (and probably evil) hand

Two people shoot at each other at the same time, but what if one person is moving?

Basic Human Needs Pyramid: Fixed

Wow. Quite the round up: The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart “THEY” Don’t Want You To See

No Deepak Chopra, pseudosciencey consciousness talks are not being “censored,” they are just bad science

What if the inside of your cells had a Facebook wall?

Mixing 16-bit video games with real photo makes for awesome surrealism

It bears repeating: Look for the helpers

If famous films were all about zombies

Hi-res scanning electron microscope gallery, because science

Don’t take pictures with your iPad unless it saves your face from a softball

How do we measure the universe? Learn in this delightful animation

Everything is better in slow motion, unless you are afraid of wasps

This is *by far* the best science infographic I’ve seen. You must experience it

Have you thanked NASA for all this stuff yet?

“No, no, no, I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.” An important distinction

The science behind the “where two oceans meet” photos

Volcanoes blow smoke rings, like the mafia bosses of Earth that they are

Put some gloves on: The Science of Sperm Collecting

Moment of Zen: Watch lava cool underwater

This lichen mantis looks like bird poop and practices boxing

Innumeracy is a serious problem which affects 8 out of 5 people. This FB page might help

Woman is a wiz with Photoshop, puts herself as a time traveler documenting history in famous photos

When you write about science, “Hunt down jargon, mercilessly like a mercenary possessed, and kill it.”

There is a grasshopper in this photo–can you find it (in under 5 seconds?!)

Motion-induced blindness is cool/weird. Just think of how much we don’t perceive…

The coolest way to drive a scooter? Wear a Predator helmet

Take a brain break. Here’s a dinosaur and a baby

Did anyone else feel this way this week?

Your iPhone’s “rolling shutter” will turn an airplane propeller into impossible art

What happens if you wring out a wet cloth in space?

Prepare yourself, this image of the Sun is pretty hi-res

This chemical compound skips right past the foreplay, touch it with a feather and it explodes

I just watched Patton Oswalt do a 100% improvised 8-minute filibuster where he pitches his X-Men/Avengers/Star Wars crossover…Some amazing fan already made Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars/X-Men/Avengers crossover into a poster

Take a second to look at this larval octopus. You’re welcome

How to deal with insightful students. A classic XKCD

I propose that philosophy professors put up these posters in their classes depending on their ethics of choice

Brain-breaking illusion

I love this chemical reaction. It’s the worthy successor to the baking soda volcano

Pour lava on ice and it makes *rock bubbles*

Why the Conspiracy Theorists Will Have a Tough Time With Boston

If everybody in the US drove west, could we temporarily halt continental drift?

You will want to watch this new magnetic putty video with some LSD in your system (just a suggestion)

Preeeeeetty sure this is the best video you’ll watch today