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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

These are classic movies scenes styled with Ottoman motifs. Awesome art

Coincidences are meaningful, just not like that

More than 1/2 of Justin Beiber’s followers are fake or inactive, meaning that I can no longer worship as a Belieber

After 25 years, I finally got my hands the coroner’s report for Bernie Lomax. He did not have a good weekend.

Giving space to Andrew Wakefield on MMR isn’t balance, it’s lunacy. This is so important.

 Why the T. rex’s roar from Jurassic Park probably would have turned on an alligator

The mustached maestro of science communication shows you how to sleep in space

 If you shoot for the Moon, miss, and expect to land among the stars, you have failed twice. Because science.

Concrete is crazy good in compression stress: watch a cylinder take 1.6 million pounds. Not so good in tensile stress

A game of Pac-Man done completely with students in auditorium seats

The easiest way to get to BioShock’s Rapture is via this optical illusion

The Magicicada (obviously a combination of Magic and Cicada) is about to reemerge after 17 years to swarm your face

 Da Vinci Day manga drawings. Get yours! I did!

This rule should be posted on all science blogs

Animated map shows how quickly the US got fat. Real fat, real quick

BPA Bottles Harm Babies? Only If You Batter Them With One, Says Top British Scientist

Bald Eagles are so named because ‘balde’ is an Old English word meaning ‘white.’ Also, ‘MURICA!

Apparently, these Nomura jellies are choking Japan’s waterways, as you may be able to see

In case you wanted to feel small and insignificant (and amazing) today

To catch a bedbug: Stabbed feet edition

 This is a GIF of how you “win” the classic game Snake, it’s mesmerizing

How to recognize (and talk to) a chemophobe

“The body of evidence tying gut bacteria to obesity is growing fatter.”

Will decreasing your phone’s brightness save battery? Physics time!

Sam Harris responds to his critics

The scientific explorers of our time, as Game of Thrones houses

Create an electrically charged scratch and those little polystyrene beads will flock to it!

What was in those old snake oil remedies? Today’s supplements are safer, but some are still bogus

Yes, those Mars panoramas are wonderful, but don’t forget about the Moon

When you’re growing up with a scientist for a mom, she’s a bit skeptical of ghost hunters

 Have you ever looked at a cat tongue up close? Like really up close? It’s amazing

On why the Up Goer Five challenge is only useful if you want to talk to preschoolers

I wowed loud enough to scare my cat: 250.000.000 particles animated Mandelbulb

Long exposure photographs of fireworks are better than fireworks. Really

Guess what? I got a fever. And the only prescription, is nothing because mild fevers are a natural response of the immune system!

WOW. The massive solar flare’s composite image

Some papercraft this weekend? Make your own *sweet* Aperture business card!

This is a dubstep remix of the lost woods theme from Zelda, because nostalgia and ear bleeding

Watch some juggernauts of science communication communicate about science

 Ahh, to live in the 1800s and be a naturalist with crazy artistic skills

Science on the Vine: Human Frame Rate

The geologist’s trophy wall XKCD

Science on the Vine: Antimatter Beer

Why do we have deserts? It’s all a lot of hot air

I can’t make heads or tails of it, but I have to admire the detail of this Star Wars galaxy map

A fairly definitive infographic on time travel in movies

Build your own air-powered Star Trek “whoosh” doors

This photo of a drowned ant is much prettier than one burned by a magnifying glass, for sure

It would probably be terrifying to accidentally reel a tiger shark towards your kayak…Oops

I can distill this popular “Science of 6-Packs” story into two words: eat less

Classic scifi and superheroes styled as Native American art

Another two-headed shark surfaces

We are mostly empty space, so can ultra cramped cities save the Earth?

This little clip on free will sums up the problem rather nicely. How do we make sense of ourselves in this framework?

This poor woman can’t handle all the science. It’s just too much.

Split second science: Could you tweet from the summit of Mt. Everest? Yes.

 What’s the worst thing that can happen in a pressure cooker? Science

A foundation of good scientific skepticism: How Bayes’ Rule Can Make You A Better Thinker

If the world was sectioned into parts with 1 billion people

Yep, Japanese respond to “Vadering” with fake Quidditch

Will we ever communicate telepathically? Less Professor X, more Spider-Man

“When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.”

Trying to make sure all these circles are not actually one line hurts my tender cortex

You need to see this blue-ringed octopus, because pretty

You don’t want to go to work tomorrow, so take a second to smile with this GIF

 Brain Games Are Bogus. Some great scientific skepticism here

Science writing tip: Be the cat behind the door. Sound like you need to be on the other side; someone will notice your little paw underneath.

 This comic illustration of Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot is *fantastic*

I had three beers before having this quiz thrust upon me, but I still guessed 40% of the elements in 10min. Beat me!

Science on the Vine: Climbing Friction

For Homeopathy Awareness week, this old Ars Technica feature is still painfully relevant

Science on the Vine: Cat Purrs

“In fact, the brain’s ability to change is nothing remarkable because the brain is *people*.” This blew my person

A checklist to tell if you are hearing about a new android phone or a condom

Jesus hyena is not as forgiving as regular Jesus

Scientists now channeling the Drake equation to find out if Mars is habitable

This isn’t science journalism, but it still makes people curious about science

Science on the Vine: Your Acceleration Sense

Can you make a circular periodic table of the elements? 1949 LIFE magazine says yes

First bear to receive brain surgery looks pretty sad, but thankfully gets relief

Photography project focusing on garbage collected from the ocean. It floats for years and still remains

New genus of striped bat is the prettiest of the flying hamsters

I love these brands for famous scientists

New study basically gives the most popular porn sites a STD rating for malware

Yes, I’d like a room at the Dark Knight hotel

I love when movies get their physics right

“I’ll have some H2O too!” Wait! NoOOoooo!

How not to write about epigenetics

Learn about your H’s and N’s, just in time for the pandemic [Infographic]

As a V10+ climber, I’ve been thinking this for years: Why Video Game Characters Suck At Rock Climbing

Ewan Mcgregor’s real life uncle played Wedge Antilles, the only other person aside from Luke Sky walker to survive both death stars.

The Definitive Guide to Bedbug Sex (Traumatic insemination FTW?)

New favorite Tumblr: Deep Sea Fauna…with Googly Eyes

The best sci comm on the Internet today will be this: Why the mantis shrimp is Genghis Khan bathed in sherbert

You have breathed the same air that Einstein exhaled when he sighed after discovering E=mc^2

Slow lightning” is a current running through plastic

We can use microbes to help us stay healthy, but you have to be skeptical of all the “supplements”

42 substances that can kill you, sorted by amount, classification, and mode of attack [Infographic]

Setting the record straight: There is no connection between any autism spectrum disorder and violent aggression

The atmosphere is crowded with history

These new shots of some “air jaws” action are coool

I love this: If Darth Vader was a good father

The Apollo 11 Saturn V launch in slow-mo, narrated and explained

You can definitely cry in space, but remember that tears don’t fall