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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Could You Actually Build BioShock Infinite’s Floating City in Real Life?

Does the math really work out for a trans-continental solar-powered plane?

 The Beatles Were More Popular Than Jesus For One Week In 1966

An example of why fan art is the best art: Boba Fett—The passion for the characters comes through so clearly

 There’s a snake that can turn your blood into ketchup. Here’s how.

Honestly, I’d rather get bit by a camel than a camel spider

 The Plane That Shot Itself Down—I look at a pilot who was in the wrong place in the wrong time, with science!

This Walking Dead VFX reel is a good thing to watch if you haven’t met your gore quota for today

Holy crap, did they just make a 4D cube with bubbles!?

It’s late, you’re searching the web, you stumble on the eHow on what to do if you have an evil twin

Yes kayak dude, you are awesome, but you are also waaaay too close to that lava

Like those frog fail and dragonfly videos? Here are some from the researcher

If Disney princesses where Siths and Jedis? Sure

 “These new microbes have tentacles!” So? “So then we name them Cthulhu!

Convince people that you are Magento with that thing that makes your hair stand on end!

Can you make butterfly wings prettier? Sure, paint cityscapes on them

 “CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!” Um, can I use the shark-tooth sword?

Of course, the logical extension of planking is “Vadering

Mass Efffect’s Reapers recreated in LEGO form

I used to live in China, and the air was *bad*. Turns out it is so bad that it kills millions

If you have a sciencey girlfriend, I’ll bet she’d love some nucleotide tights!

We should re-think the science of stupidity, because rationality and IQ don’t go hand-in-hand

I have Neil deGrasse Tyson in my deck of skeptical trump cards

New study adds to the evidence that “organic” labeling has been condensed down to a marketing scheme

Just in time for the re-release: The “honest trailer” for Jurassic Park with that guy from Jurassic Park

 How do you work out in space? Do the Commander Hadfield Shake

Awesomely massive work of LEGO sci-fi structure

I foiled your plan” A joke any math geek should love

 Sadly, Jane Goodall doesn’t just plagiarize, she believes anti-GMO nonsense

Alex Jones: Calm, Reasonable, Rational is not the title of this video.

It’s that time of year again to award 5 pseudoscience peddlers with the “Pigasus Award”

 An accurate scale modeling of dozens of famous sci-fi space vessels

April Fools: YouTube is ready to select a winner, of all of YouTube

TED gets a bit of redemption revoking a license to a pseudoscience-laden TEDx event

Let me help you wrap your head around Game of Thrones geography with this map

 When we flew by the shiniest thing in the solar system, we took this amazingly detailed shot

The best evolution of “Where’s Waldo?” is of course “Where’s Wall-E?” featuring every sci-fi robot

The anti-science of the pro-life movement and Plan B

New venom research finds that those snakes that squeeze still have toxic goo-filled gobs

Could you outrun a T-rex? Um, do you have a life insurance policy?

You know those stock photos you get where scientists sit around a table and stare at a chicken?

The end of the world as seen in 1939

Conspiracy theorists can’t be labeled “crazy” because there are just too many of them!

 The fire safety flowchart

This is a wonderful visualization: How Far Is It To Mars?

Could you hit a hockey puck so hard that it knocks the goalie backwards? Well, do you like firecrackers?

SPACE PRON: Young stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

The opposite of “sparkle” is “darkle.” You’re welcome

 “An open letter to my dad on the occasion of his recent anti-vax Facebook postings” Can we all do this?

(Some) EXTINCTION IS (not necessarily) FOREVER

Why Vegeta is Better Than Goku

You probably won’t be in a plane crash, but rest assured that those smug 1st classers would be toast

 Why I Study Duck Genitalia: Fox News and other conservative sites miss the point of basic science

A red hot ball of nickel will turn a chocolate Easter bunny into a fuel source

Cranks are a cautionary tale. Scientists should have a very clear understanding of exactly how not to become one.”

Klingon cloaking device! How a faster-than-lightspeed ship would look as it whizzed by.

 What if the Sun simply disappeared?

XKCD keeps pushing web comics with one that changes text as you read

I don’t think this mouse is having a good time

This all-lady high fashion X-men team is awesome

When you store your Poekmon on Bill’s PC, don’t look in the other folders

 Watching a bullet hitting a steel plate is what GIFs are made for

Here’s a site where you can explore common molecules in 3D

Science writer crashes an anti-vax lecture, is terrified by what lecture pushes (me too)

What’s wrong with the women in The Walking Dead? For one, the creator thinks science proves women are weaker

Some fun with NPH and SF6

The Science of Cats: Doesn’t explain why mine is walking aroscs my kyeorbad tohugh

 I’ll be honest, I look at this panorama and think, “Holy s***, this is f***ing MARS”

Coolest GIF today? Curiosity’s Parachute Flaps in the Martian Wind

Over Time, Nuclear Power Would Kill (Far) Fewer People Than Petroleum

These “junk sculptures” of Darth Vader and other nerdy stuff are fantastic

This first ever weather satellite image of Earth from 50 years ago is beyond cool

A resource for teachers who want to combine astronomy and skepticism in the classroom

 Get some lovely manga doodles for Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday!

Want to break into science writing? Read this post, then read it again

New species of tarantula found wandering in abandoned hospitals, just like the start of that SyFy movie

Apparently, I added to the largest torrent swarm ever for the Game of Thrones premiere

 Fascinating—Come and get it: how sperm became one of America’s hottest exports

As usual, taking radical ideas and making them sensible: The True Science of Parallel Universes

Link don’t give a f***

This post on “Nature’s Deadly Drone” is worth it just for the GIFs at the beginning

The hardest “Where’s Waldo?” ever is a GIF

The facts of biology plainly falsify the oft-repeated notion that homosexuality is unnatural.”

When rhinos lock horns, it’s beautiful

The Great Red WOW