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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

How does a zombie bite work? The Komodo Dead: What Really Kills in The Walking Dead

TWD screenshotEnjoy tonight’s The Walking Dead season finale with a bunch of bite-sized zombie facts!

The caffeine chemical coffee mug

 You can melt metal with magnets! (sort of)

Here is even MORE evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism. Seriously. Shut up.

 First Contact: Don’t F**k This Up For Us. My favorite infographic ever

Whip scorpions, if you are an arachnophobe and haven’t seen one, will make you wish you haven’t seen one

SCOTUS justices can’t find science on same-sex marriage, but it’s there http://t.co/BpMmrHRgdw

At 8X you could drink a solution of arsenic and be fine. Many homeopathic remedies are at 400X.

Chiropractor did AMA on LifeHacker, says medicine is “the leading cause of death in the United States.” WOW

Africa’s “fairy circles” (possibly) explained! They are termite water traps.

The best sci comm I have seen in awhile: 112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun

How volcano lightning (might) work. Glad we’re at least trying to explain this, the pictures are almost *too* awesome

Can the Ice Wall in Game of Thrones Survive Science? Gravity always wins

Apparently, an acceptable plural form for a Wildebeest is Wildebeesties. Now to find a conversation to insert that in…

How to make Silence of the Lambs instantly creepier with anime posters

Learn about the “tyranny of the rocket equation

This is the New Zealand Takahē, but I propose we call it the “Beakface”

Remove all the oxygen on Earth for 5 seconds, everything goes to sh*t

SPACE PRON: The shuttle is ready for its close-up

6 nightmares reinvented for the modern age

The culture-warriors do not understand how science and research works. The battle of studying duck penises.

Time, you didn’t think you had any, but you do. XKCD

10 Dinosaur Myths That Need To Go Extinct. Especially #10!

Um, coolest cover of a scientific journal?

Watch a two-headed albino Honduran milk snake eat a baby mouse?

We need to get more girls the HPV vaccine, but fear, money, and ideas of sexual purity are hampering us

The NASA prototype lander is up…and exploded

Meet Your Microbiome!

It’s all about perspective

Two days after a coronal mass ejection, you get this amazing video of an aurorae

1. Get a matrix of LEDs. 2. Make people feel like they are tripping

I *love* this post-apocalyptic portrait

World’s lightest material is, you guessed it, super duper light. It can sit on a flower

These retro futurism posters about life on other planets are the best thing I saw today

AHH Zombie Snails!

Sometimes sex in the animal kingdom requires “penile sacrifice”

Let’s learn about fruit bat cunnilingus

Awesome Star Wars thing #1: Wonderfully detailed ATAT cross-section

Awesome Star Wars thing #2: How they filmed the Empire opening credit roll

What makes a videogame addicting? Helping you kick your Bioshock/Skyrim/Borderlands habit.

Three Science Words We Should Stop Using

If you like these awesome scientist tattoos, you’ll love this book devoted to them

If the Moon was replaced with other planets in our sky

Is there a height limit for how tall mountains on Earth can be?

Imagine Darth Vader mourning all his lost men at the Death Star memorial wall. Are you imagining this?

I just took a roller coaster ride through the entire Beetlejuice movie, with Minecraft

Here are 12 parasites proving that they are the coolest lifeforms

A Convincing Argument That ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Toy Story’ Are One And The Same

The discrimination atheists face can be sinisterly subtle: Atheist packages 10x more likely to be lost in the post

Sound designer Ben Burtt created the distinctive TIE fighter sound effect by combining an elephant call with a car driving on wet pavement.

A great demo to do with the kids: Amazing 9-Layer Density tower

It’s official, the peacock spider is my favorite

An amazing use of data: A visualization of drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004

inFact: The Unpopular Facts about GMOs

When a deaf man has Tourette’s, what happens?

GMOs are one solution to an ancient puzzle

Why you shouldn’t get your toxicology from Wedding Crashers: Just an (Eye) Drop of Poison

Most laser pointers are too strong, or, a lot of people with laser pointers are dicks

Batman and I share a life philosophy: Just Life. Just Us.