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AMC’s The Walking Dead is shambling to a close, but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t take some time to geek out about it!

For tonight’s episode I tweeted out a ton of sciencey stuff to annotate your enjoyment. It’s like Pop-up Video, but for zombies. I have archived them all here. Enjoy.

You have about a 20% chance of having some kind of eye injury in your lifetime, like the Governor.

Arrows and bullets leave very different wounds. Bullets flatten out and explode heads, arrows only slice surrounding tissue.

According to the medical literature, cranial crossbow injuries are extremely rare, and most are suicide attempts.

According to medical case reports, crossbows *do* have enough power to pierce a human skull. GO DARYL!

For you crossbow aficionados out there, Daryl uses a Horton Scout HD 125, retailing at $300.

Some of these zombie-making parasites can turn a host into a work of art.

Nature makes real zombies typically with parasites. Here’s a great Carl Zimmer piece on what we know.

PDR or Post-Decapitation Reflex, is a real medical term. Basically we cut off rat’s heads and see what happens.

If I were a zombie, I’d eat skin, not brains. It’s the largest organ, accounting for 5.5% total body weight.

Here’s a wonderfully detailed infographic on every kill in The Walking Dead, and what weapon was used to kill them.

Since this February Rick has killed over 90 walkers. I like to think he is silently competing with Daryl, who has 50.

Someone has to explain to me how frozen rotting meat wouldn’t be exterminated by wildlife during winter in the show.

As Rick and the gang tangle with Woodbury, know that this season, only 18% of the human deaths were walker-caused.

Getting to the heart of the matter I argue that The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse would never happen.

What would be your ultimate zombie-killing weapon? I’m going with a trained lion and a katana.

According to canon, zombies outnumber humans in The Walking Dead 5,000 to 1. At least it’s not zombie ants, who outnumber us 1.6 million to 1.

The Walking Dead’s walkers made a music video about all the ways they get killed. Pretty catchy for a choir of dead.

If Rick and the gang get pushed out of the prison, they are in luck; there are 34 other prisons in Georgia.

The building shown as the CDC is actually the Cobb Energy Center, which is a performing arts center in Atlanta.

The doomed scientist in the CDC, Edwin Jenner, is named after Edward Jenner, the developer of the smallpox vaccine.

The CDC (also in the show) capitalized on The Walking Dead’s success and used it as a PSA for disaster preparedness.