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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

This very innovative map shows where you would end up if you drilled through the Earth

So far I have 13 Science on the Vine videos, all archived right here!

Airport runways are built to minimize crosswinds during take offs and landings. This scary video is why

In today’s world, science is uncommon sense.

 The Mechanics of the Pull-Up (and Why Women Can Absolutely Do Them)

Sarah Header

“Some of the greatest minds in history have tried to deduce the nature of the universe from religious texts, but…

How Much We Care About Star Wars Over Time [Comic] Spot on

A women’s size zero, from a physicists’ perspective

“Glitch” furniture makes my head hurt, will probably mess up your kid’s visual development

Using YouTube to gauge the size of Earth in the universe

It’s a bit of viral time wasting, but all of these pictures (#6!) are worth a look: 50 perfectly timed photos

 Don’t act like you’re not curious: A Survey Of Global Porn Searches [Infographic]

The sound of the “Hypo-Toad” in Futurama is made by playing a recording of a jet engine backwards.

Think of a T-Rex’s posture; you are probably wrong

Why is the Sky Any Color?

Best reason to let a baby seal stow away on your kayak? “He looks really sad

Need a history of trained killer dolphins? Military Dolphins: James Bonds of the Sea

Wow, that thing everyone thinks is shady as hell is shady as hell: The Dark Underbelly of the Miss USA Pageant

 Awesome typography elegantly illustrating the work of famous scientists

Science on the Vine: Beer, Beatboxing, Shampoo, and .999 Repeating

Wow, these are some of the best spider photos I have ever seen

 SO. COOL. IT HURTS. That’s Neil deGrasse Tyson on the far right. Enjoy.

Antivax billboards aren’t just misleading, they are dangerous

“The only surrounding this chameleon could blend into is a sad clown convention

NASA’s “CECE” engine stands for “Controlled Explosion Craziness Engine,” I’m pretty sure

 Mesmerizing upside-down horseshoe crab GIF

Nothing to fear except fear itself. And bat-eating spiders

The head-rattling evidence is in: Helmets And Mouthguards Don’t Prevent Concussions

Why are we so afraid to run around naked? Maybe because you have so much brain power

This is just *one* globular cluster, look at all the stars

Nintendo NES that is a self-contained system complete with screen? Portable nostalgia

Yeah, I’ll watch Commander Hadfield get a haircut in space. I’ll watch him do anything in space because he is awesome

You have never seen a wasp abdomen like this. Nature can paint like we never could

Science on the Vine: Scissors, Satiation, and Sleepwalking

Swimming With Spacemen: A feature on NASA’s zero-gravity simulating pool

Why most people shouldn’t eat gluten-free. Mistaking eating less crap and feeling better with gluten intolerance

Ever see a dolphin nose-punch another dolphin in mid-air? You’re welcome

Dr. Watson of BBC’s Sherlock *actually* has a blog? Wonderful

The Wisdom-Filled Words of Six Science Equations

Astronaut engineers tape 3 CD players together, create gyroscopically stabilized platform

Umm, Emperor Palpatine in an ultrasound? Sure

Terrible/fascinating/common: Your Neighborhood Pet Poisoner

“Retrograde.” Astrologers keep using that word. I don’t think it means what they think it means

New book (that I want to read) tackles our misguided longing for the cave: “Paleofantasy

When acupuncture is questioned, proponents respond, but fail to garner the support of science-based medicine

This astronomy picture of the day should be astronomy picture of the year

WOW: Ferrofluids moving through bubble capillaries

This snake robot can climb up cylinders, should tempt a robotic Eve

You can die from bug spit poisoning

This video of neurons growing in a tissue culture is the coolest thing you’ll see today

The Elephant’s Ear plant demonstrates the “lotus effect,” or the ability to make water look like that Terminator guy

I’m calling it. It took 12 hours to compare the new Pope to a Sith

Could this be the evolutionary purpose of the placebo effect?

I love when we have “check-mate” experiments to hand creationists: Watching Bodies Evolve

A camera with the right frame rate + a speaker with the right frequency + water = SCIENCE MAGIC

If “real” acupuncture does no better than fake acupuncture, it does. not. work.

Gluten Sensitivity: What Does It Really Mean?

Rest your eyes with this Mediterranean Jelly. Pretttttyyyyy

This monkey won’t leave this dog alone, and enjoys the hell out of it

Iconaster longimanus is Latin for beautiful sea star (not really but yeah)

Life in meteorites? Sounds cool, until you apply the proper skepticism

It would be hard to link modern living to heart disease if we found evidence of it in ancient Egypt…Ohhhh

“Beware the ignorant anger of the anti-scientist – especially those with Facebook

“Damsel in distress” be damned! Awesome dad hacks Donkey Kong to let his daughter play as the Princess

FYI: A scorpion’s anus is located at the end of its tail

Reminder: This lives in the ocean and is terrifying

Where do astronauts hang out?

Awesome communist-style propaganda posters for Mario Bros.

WOW. Watch the development of frog from one cell to millions and millions

Very cool: how a Tibetan “singing bowl” works

XKCD has a thought on the myth that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly

SPACE PORN: The Colors of Mercury

A Rough Knobtail Gecko, in the process of shedding, is something to see

Watching corn starch in a speaker cone is always a mix of being disturbed and being fascinated

The real question is, why aren’t plants black?

If you tally up all the points awarded on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wayne Brady wins

Woah, I totally missed this hooker joke in the original Toy Story

Answering “troll physics” and free energy with real physics

Science on the Vine: Winter Colds

A beautiful visualization of the causes of all deaths in the 20th centur