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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

This is a plastinated cow heart covered in fake gold. Dear science is it beautiful

Plastinated cow heart covered in fake gold

Heh. The normal and paranormal distribution

You guys, you guys, every celebrity ever mocked on South Park, including how they were mocked

 In Beijing, you better not breathe: What Beijing’s Polluted Air Does to the Body

What Science Knows About Video Games and Violence

As if DARPA’s “Big Dog” wasn’t scary enough, it can now throw a cinder block at your face.

How were long-necked dinosaurs able to pump blood from their hearts to their heads?

What if the SpaceX rocket exploded? It might look something like this. Can anyone identify this spectacular boom?

Non-tech people just do not understand viruses

What your iPhone should say when it has desperately low battery

 Even during WWII, a cat finds a way to be adorable

Video: The Anti-Science Left

“Telepathic temporary tattoos”? Not so fast

Forget P4, Gliese 581c deserves the name Vulcan

This right up my #overthink alley: Could Spiderman really stop a train with his web?

 Had a rough day? Here, watch this and chill: Micro-Origami Unfolding In Water

Have you ever seen a wave pendulum? You must, they are wonderfully hypnotic

Stop Sine #metaphysics

I love these videos: True Facts About The Mantis. It’s probably the Morgan Freeman voice that gets me

 SkyMall bugs me because it thinks a sleeping bag will stop bed bugs from slurping on your face

11739_loresOH SNAP! You would definitely lose a “yo mama” fight with Mark Twain

Did you know Saturn has a weird hexagon at its north pole? Well it does, and it’s beautiful

Let’s talk about writhing sexual spaghetti, because biology

 An open flame contains ions. This video demonstrates that to you in the coolest way possible

Clown fish can actually help their anemones breathe at night. Nemo the respirator

Lastest Symphony of Science is lovely, an ode to E=mc^2

I would pay to see this Wonder Woman fan film. Watch the trailer. It is reallllly good

How fast do black holes spin? 84% the *speed of light*.  That’s 251,825,665 meters per second

I extremely love extremophiles. The First Pictures of Life in the Deepest Ocean Vents Ever Discovered

Been getting a lot of New Age junk mail. I usually send them this in reply

This octopus mates face-to-face, and has a gorgeous mating display

Hyper-real statues are hyper-disturbing

Woah. Gilbert Gottfied’s real voice

 The most pedantic way to tell someone they don’t get a joke is a glorious GIF

PSA: The way you write dates is WRONG. Thank You

 THIS. IS. AWESOME. First-person lightsaber battle with Darth Vader. Great choreography and effects

Probably my favorite Simpsons moment. I found the video

I never get tired of watching large octopi squeeze through small holes. Octopus Houdini

Best Tumblr today? “Before VFX” A backdoor look into movies before they are really movies

Science and Gun Violence: Why is the Research So Weak?

This parasite eats tongues. They’re nightmare fuel, also awesome

 Need to mate but your female frog is dead? No problem, just squeeze the eggs out of her corpse!

Gluten-free diet: Distinguishing celiac disease, wheat allergy, and gluten intolerance.

What it looks like when nature is preparing for a giant snowball fight. Beautiful anomaly

F*** YEAH NERDS! “Vulcan” wins poll for naming Pluto’s moon (still has to be accepted by IAU)

The science of why munchies are so, well, munchy (it feels like a word)

 “140 characters may not seem like a lot, but we will never run out of things to say.” Very cool XKCD analysis

What’s prettier than an aurora? It’s Okay To Be Smart explains the science behind the beauty

You are the center of the universe, and so am I, and so is everyone, and so is no one.”

If you can stomach this, it’s pretty fascinating: Gutting The Wolf

Photo: Han Yolo

Would you like a cool infographic about icebergs? See what I did there?

Have these blood parasites found the fountain of youth?

 Wow the Victorians *really* didn’t want you to masturbate. Also, Kellogg (cereal guy) was an asshole

Naive when it comes to pick-up artists

Oh my. This is cute in *overdrive*. Baby sloth “hands” woman a flower. Made my whole day

When it comes to opposing fluoride in the water supply, it’s “truthiness with numbers

Awesome anatomical art painted on the face of a living model

How do you take a picture milliseconds after an atomic blast? With some clever lenses and some electricity

The A-Z of video game character deaths in rhyming-comic form (hit “next” at bottom for more)

 A lot of people though Jose Canseco’s tweets were silly, but why? Here’s the science behind big dinos and “ancient gravity”

Miss all the nerdy stuff I divulged about Oscar night? Here it is all in one place

This is a sarcastic fringehead, it has a mouth that will frighten you

Some of the very best nature GIFs on the Internet

What if Batman’s parents died differently? [Comic]

 Things I learned As A Field Biologist #294: One day, you may get parasitized by a botfly

If The Terminator were more existential

Have you ever seen a half male/half female cardinal? It’s as cool as it sounds

 Super cool: Dancing LEGO Michael Jackson. This must have taken forever to film

What are these “spikes” in the milliseconds following a nuclear explosion?

This is what true love is

Sure, we could get bigger brains, but they’d be a lot more wrinkled 

 What would happen if Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar made of antimatter?

Had your dose of space porn today? WOW

If all these goats actually make these sounds I’ll be happy because my rolling on the floor will seem legit

  • The original GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64 is small enough to fit 10,667 copies of the game on your 16 GB iPhone.
  • “Frission” is the term for when good music gives you chills. For a face-melting guitar solo I suggest the term “nuclear frission.”
  • The annoying string-like things that you encounter while peeling a banana? “Phloem Bundles”
  • The German word “Backpfeifengesicht” translates to, “A face that makes you want to slap it.” You’re welcome.

Filming with a high-speed camera makes paintball look *way* cooler

End your day with something beautiful. “A Reassuring Fable” by Carl Sagan

 Sometimes polar bears plunge into the snow to find prey, and sometimes they totally faceplant

As a fly, a wasp can lay an egg in your kids. What do you do? Protect them with booze 

Want to be a pool shark? Physics and a sweet projector make it super easy

Those sweet fungus-controlled ant photos? Mostly awesome? Yes. Mostly correct? No.

I love quantum locking because it is science magic

 A bed to fit all the tallest NBA players could host its own NBA game with 215 spectators

Shaq-House-BedThis is incredible. Quadrocopter pole balancing acrobatics

A barbaric and terrible practice–the stoning of adulterers–is still happening today. Here is a morbid infographic

My new favorite phenomenon? Coronal rain

 This is the best thing you will read today: The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens. Beautiful story, beautifully written

The “golden ratio” is everywhere in nature, and it’s pretty

Don’t watch this before eating/sex: New episode of Wild Sex–Dirty Sex

A letter to a squid who wants to fly

I’m sorry, but I have cats and I have to show you this: Polite cat wants to be left alone

 Stunningly gorgeous/beautiful/soul-enriching color-enhanced portraits of Tesla, Einstein and Darwin

WOW, that shockwave was no joke: Chelyabinsk Meteor Shockwave Compilation

99 reasons to love the horseshoe crab. Yep, actually 99, I’m in love

Misguided Nostalgia for Our Paleo Past. A must-read on evolution, selection, and the “natural” fallacy

 Some couple will eventually have sex on Mars, but there are some issues

Inception was pretty confusing, maybe because there were 37 things wrong with it (according to this guy)

10 reasons why dolphins are assholes

 Wait, how many zeroes? An Infinity of Viruses

Real friends talk about giant squid

The scientific miracle of vaccination, visualized

 If you removed all the world’s ships from the oceans, global warming would replace the displacement in 16 hours

Science: An umbrella against indoctrination [Image]

Depressed? At least you don’t have a robot bully like these poor rats [Comic]

 Cutest. Frog. Ever. Ever

How to make a sandwich…IN SPAAAACCCEEE

Prepare to consider a bird’s nest as art

XKCD has the best idea for a moving sidewalk

 The most interesting thing you will read today might be this in-depth analysis of the IMDB of porn

Have you ever seen high-voltage photography? It’s shockingly beautiful

The Internet has a Bacon number of 19. You can get anywhere in 19 clicks

Lance was doping with rare candy [Comic]

Let’s take it one step at a time: What Is The Universe?

 This is just lovely: Ode To A Flower. An animated version of the Feynman classic

What are we doing with our Nobel Prize medals? [Comic]