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I spent a week preparing for the Oscars. I researched around 30 nerdy things to share with you, and, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I have compiled them all here. Enjoy:

The “Marisa Tomei Factor” is when voting is so split between heavyweight actors that a lesser known actor can sneak through.

The most common occupation for an Oscar-nominate character is an English monarch.

A scalped ticket at the Oscars could run you more than $85,000. Or, you could take that $$$ and see Lincoln 10,678 times.

Out of all the Oscars ever awarded, Walt Disney has won about 1% of them.

Can you imagine what would happen if Daniel Day-Lewis touched an Oscar made of antimatter?

Converting to biblical units, the red carpet is about as long as the mythic Noah’s Ark.

If all the Oscars ever awarded were solid gold, they would barely be worth enough to film Avatar (over $500 million).

The shortest acceptance speech ever was 2 seconds long (Joe Pesci for Goodfellas)

The Beasts of the Southern Wild made 4 cents for each second its lead actress (age 9) has been alive.

In Life of Pi, Pi squares off with a Bengal tiger. They are MUCH scarier in real life

On average, the n-word is said in Django Unchained at least once every 2 minutes.

“Django Unchained” is an anagram for “Changed Ninja Duo”

The average run time of an Oscar ceremony is 13 minutes shorter than Django Unchained. Trust me, I made a spreadsheet.

Hosts can look at the camera and read the teleprompter because the words are reflected on a screen in front of the lens.

During a metal shortage in WWII, Oscar statuettes were made of painted plaster and later replaced.

The most watched telecast of the Oscars was by far the year of Titanic (57 million). Its sales could have given each viewer $12

If you wanted to make an Oscar out of something even more precious than gold, platinum is worth around $100 more per ounce.

The red carpet has the surface area of 6 doubles tennis courts

If all the Oscars they give out tonight were solid gold, they would cost more than the theater does.

In 2000, Matt and Trey of South Park dropped acid before the Oscars, to hilarious effect

Those people (famously Kramer) who work to fill empty seats for the camera? There is are 125 of them and they make nothing.

You have, officially, 45 secs to accept your award. Adrian Brody in 2003 went over by a factor of 5.5

All of the Oscars ever awarded could fill 84% of the seats in the theater.

How much would an Oscar made out of antimatter be worth? More money than anything ever

If you made solid gold Oscars out of all the gold ever mined, you’d get 73,529,411 statues.

The red carpet cost between 25-30K to make, or about the cost to make 60 Oscar statuettes.

Gold is ridiculously malleable. A solid gold Oscar could be hammered into the area of an Olympic-sized swimming pool

Since 1929, the Academy has given out 2,809 Oscars. If all were solid gold, they’d be worth $63,834,008

With the current price of gold, an Oscar made out of solid gold would cost $219,000