Yesterday I went on a love binge and linked out a new Valentine’s Day factoid every 30 minutes for 12 hours. In case you were too busy getting busy, I have collected all the interestingness below. Enjoy!

Cupid doodleDoodle of FrankenCupid by Sara Mayhew

  • If Cupid had the dimensions of a 2-yr old boy, he would need the wings of an Andean Condor to fly (10-ft across). Terrifying.
  • Based on the size of Cupid and his bow, he likely couldn’t produce enough kinetic energy to actually pierce a heart.
  • What would a “real” Cupid look like? Well, if the crossbow isn’t scary enough, maybe the 10-ft vulture wings would be
  • If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you will die in moments. Still romantic.
  • According to the FDA, aphrodisiacs have no scientific basis and are myths. So I’d skip the oysters and go for wine.
  • Don’t give chocolate to your lovebird, because it prefers nuts and legumes. Give some to a human instead.
  • What are your odds of finding love, or other life in the universe?
  • The Italian City of Verona receives thousands of letters addressed to Juliet each year.
  • Everything science has learned about love this year, all in one place
  • 2.2 million marriages will happen this year, most will be between men and women, b/c Love isn’t considered Love everywhere.
  • According to a statistic I made up, 100 tons of pubic hair were shaved/clipped/waxed today and yesterday. Sounds about right.
  • Did you know you can buy personal lubricant in 55-gal drums? Think of it as an investment.
  • Navy SEALs use condoms to protect firing assemblies during underwater demolitions. Keeping semen and C4 safe!
  • The Poisonous Chemistry of Chocolate, Or why it will kill your dog
  • According to Durex, condom sales go up 25% on V-Day, so I’m sure those flowers were for your eternal love, and nothing else.
  • A Real-Life Cupid Would Have the Wings of a Giant Vulture and a Crossbow
  • The average American spends 1/7th of what they would spend on Christmas on Valentine’s Day. Step it up!
  • Bet your Valentine that you can make yourself impossible to lift, and I’ll make sure you win
  • If it takes 200 rose petals to cover a bed, enough roses are sold this month to cover nearly 5 million beds. Sexy time!
  • Since most species of rose have 5 petals, start the “he loves me (not)” game with “he loves me” and you will always win.
  • According to Hallmark, enough cards are exchanged on V-Day to cover every square foot of Vatican City 8x over.
  • Syphilis: A Love Story
  • You can fit 2 words on a candy heart. With how many are sold around V-Day, you could fill 1600 Encyclopedia Britannicas.
  • Does the fact that candy hearts have a 5-yr shelf life correlate with the fact that they taste terrible? You decide.
  • I bet you wish you could have gotten a Valentine like this
  • All the candy hearts sold this time of year laid end to end would be 40% longer than the radius of Jupiter.
  • If each candy heart weighs ~2g, enough are sold this time of year to equal one and a half times NYC’s daily trash output.
  • In order to meet demand, the makers of candy hearts must produce enough hearts to fill a cargo 747 every 2 days, all year.
  • About the same amount of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold on V-Day as a small swarm of desert locust.
  • This is your brain on love. It’s like cocaine!
  • You are more likely to get a heart-shaped box of chocolate on V-Day than you are to get a heart attack in a given year.