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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Must Read

If we want to communicate vaccine safety effectively we need to consider the whole message, especially the pictures

Brian Dunning responds to the “pop tripe” commonly levied against fast food

In which I enlisted Neil deGrasse Tyson’s help to calculate how Thor flies. The God of Thunder, And Momentum

You test the idea that an aphid falls like a cat with petroleum jelly, apparently

Things Learned as a Field Biologist #222 “You will most definitely, at some point, defecate in the forest

 Now you know the truth: Spiderman jizzes on everyone

The last thing you might think about in a thunderstorm: “Hey, there’s a billion pounds of water over my head”

 An enlightening post on depression and the way life throws sparks at your “kindled” mind

Must See

“Weigh every termite and it’s 10x the mass of all humans. It makes me think that this book isn’t totally accurate.”

 Try not to tear up while watching this: Before We Found Our Way by Carl Sagan. What a beautiful writer

Can you fold space-time…with a music box?

I am definitely going to check out this film with Dawkins and Krauss, The Unbelievers

The scientific cure for HIPSTER, Unpretentiousil

If this nanotech coating is legit, it should legitimately blow your mind

 This astronaut can sing, and it’s lovely. The first song composed and recorded in space

Flexible paper sculptures are weird/awesome (that skull legitimately freaked me out)

If you haven’t seem nitrogen snow and ice before, check this out

If you happened to miss the conversation between William Shatner and the ISS earlier you can find it here

Wait. The universe actually looks like this? Wow

Um. Ouch?

This is how you wash your hands in space

Professor teaches you how to make a supersonic pingpong ball gun. You know, for totally not evil purposes

 “If you want to call ‘natural’ what happens in nature, then homosexual sex is as common as straight sex

Walking on the moon is nuts. Driving on the moon is also nuts. Video proof

Watch this wonderful short film called Stardust. It’s lovely, and the animation is fantastic

Who doesn’t want a beautiful GIF of what Jupiter actually looks like


 Almost every single expert agency concludes that wireless and EMF exposure is NOT harmful to anyone

Does every species get a billion heartbeats per lifetime?

FYI: That spider bite you think you have is probably not a spider bite

Sean Carroll on “the embarrassment” of quantum mechanics. I really like how he clears up “observation”

Do NOT take medical advice from the New York Times Magazine

Sometimes cooling something can make it explode

Why are there no left-handers in China?

The Journal of Autism and Developmental disorders says that Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes have Asperger’s, apparently

The many ways to feed a bedbug

You will probably never beat the bandwidth of FedEx

Scaring the sh** out of women who normally have no fear. For science

 If you haven’t seen a photo/video of a crocodile attacking an elephant’s trunk, read this

The myth that you can burn a lot of calories with sex

“If I toss a coin, but hide the result every time it comes up tails…in medicine, it’s accepted as the norm.”


A boatload of science-themed tweets about the SuperBowl

The last day at the Hyrule bottle factory [Comic]

Heart of Darkness in the 21st century

Heh. How Microwaves works [Comic]

How do you help a bunch of baby bears trapped in a dumpster? Throw in a ladder and drive away quickly

I don’t understand it one bit, but the full evolutionary history of Pokemon is fun to look at

If each friend in Friends drank at least one 12 oz coffee per episode, then in total they drank nearly half a metric ton of coffee.

You probably need a boost today. You probably need to see this GIF

Alexander Semenov does the best underwater photography in the world in my mind. Here’s some of his starfish

The fake science probability problem set. I love this tumblr

 The Deepak Chopra random quote generator

This “Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things” Tumblr is exactly what you think it is

“There is no nature to return to. We are already here.”

You can’t even look at this full map of the Star Trek universe without thinking, “Man people love that show”

With just one click and BAM, you’re an artist

 If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Yeah, probably 

Cover up the middle, the animation speeds up. Cover up the sides and it slows down. Head. hurts.

Feel like being weirded out/mesmerized by some GIFs?

Religion in a nutshell

A comic about video games responds to the charge against violent video games WITH GRAPHS

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