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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Must Read

When water wants to get through, nothing can stop it. This bridge learned that the hard way

“Snakes are beautiful creatures, undeserving of the scorn often heaped on them. But…

Pushing poo by the stars. How dung beetles watch the galaxy

Ohhhhhhh, that’s how the Duck Hunt gun worked. Kind of like how we detect planets around stars

Did this dolphin ask a diver for help? Analyzing the coolest video you’ll see today

Meet the “melon-baller” shark, or the glowing cat-sized fish that took a chunk out of this great white

 You can get less radiation INSIDE a spent nuclear fuel pool than outside of it. It all depends on where you swim—XKCD

How do you get around the poisonous guts of a caterpillar? Remove them

Must See

The Joker talked about immovable objects and unstoppable forces, but he was so wrong about the physics

 Freaky awesome: When you open a can of nuts in space, they almost look alive.

Everyone in Hollywood hates math. If everyone knew what a standard deviation was the world would be a better place

Scientific proof that cats are better than dogs

Mars might seem dead, but its geology is still pretty awesome

GO TEAM EGG! The solution to life’s greatest mystery! Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

This is a photo of a mantis riding a plant motorcycle. That is all.

This is what a bunch of tigers trying to figure out what the hell a snowman is looks like

Love weird/beautiful lifeforms? You’ll love this

If aliens are monitoring our TV signals, this is what they’re watching

This short Sundance film about a kid preparing for the zombie apocalypse toes the line between geeky and creepy

 Best chemistry shot? The iodine clock reaction filmed at high speed

It is *really weird* to see a musician sing in an MRI. Weird, but cool

Think about funding this documentary about the founder of the non-profit I work with. It looks amazing

You may have to revise your “scariest animals” list after seeing this leopard seal

This is Chewbacca riding a giant squirrel fighting Nazis with a crossbow


 This bizarrely pink lagoon is bizarre

How big is our solar system? Well, how’s your scrolling finger?

A beautiful visualization of a magnetic storm

Pen caps have holes at the top so that one can breathe no matter how far they get lodged in the windpipe of a child or stupid adult.

Leave No Dolphin Behind: Dolphins make a raft for injured pod member in vain…

When you have the flu, doctors technically do recommend that you drink lots of homeopathic medicine…you know, water.

Scientists prove that one of the most dangerous pseudosciences out there is indeed bullshit and potentially deadly

When you hit a drum, the skins vibrate in tons of different ways. Here are some in GIF form

 The Sun in all the glorious ways that NASA looks at it

Cleaning out your ears does more harm than good. Think of the money you’ll save!

FYI: The South Pole does in fact have a time zone

The ladybug was the original transformer


This little robot has wheels, but it sure doesn’t need them

According to DNA, “screwing is the right thing to do” [Comic]

Amazon versus The Amazon | XKCD

If you laid out the surface area of the lung, it would cover a tennis court, and then you would be arrested for Silence Of The Lambs stuff.

The joys of late-night Internet stumbling

Telephone towers used to look WAY cooler

If Cooties Were Real, What Disease Would They Be? “Timmy’s gone viral!”

The beauty of a microwaved CD

 “How to Survive an Anaconda Attack” belongs in the badass manual

Einstein, Newton, and Pascal decide to play hide and seek… A joke for you engineers

I’d fly to the moon for you, and then probably die in a horrible accident because I’m not an aerospace engineer. #nerdlove

Need an optical illusion to break your brain? No problem

Heh. Petting charts for cats and dogs

The Wheel of Exotic Pets proves that bobcats are the best, also most likely to eat your face

 God and Pokemon

If you put Saturn on the ocean, it would float! And then the immense gravity would rip Earth apart. Nice comparison, science.

I attack Kirk baby, I was gorn this way

XKCD–Tech Support

Samuel L. Shepard 


Dude. *Functional* Iron Man gauntlet

“Get real. If you’re not a nerd, don’t call yourself one.” A nerd PSA from Portlandia

B.e.a.utiful macro-shots of coral

Passive aggressive much? George Lucas to James Cameron in ’97, after Titanic broke Star Wars’ sales record

If you like it don’t put a benzene ring on it.

You have GOT to try Amazon Prime [Comic]

 Best geek costume ever?

Heh. True Facts About the Seahorse

I just met you, and you are crazy. Here’s my number, I’m a psychiatrist.

This animated GIF art will mess with your head, but that’s a good thing

The first “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” winner was a badass. He phoned his dad on the last question just to say he’d won.

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