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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Must Read

The Lurking Pornographer: Why Your Brain Turns Bubbles Into Nude Bodies

On all the surprises a barnacle penis can give you

 A mysterious patch of light in the US turns out to be “little Kuwait on the prairie

Out of all the medical news I have seen recently, fecal transplants seem the most “next big thing” worthy

Must See

 If a particle accelerator had a Kickstarter | PHD Comics

Your cereal is fortified with iron. Want to see? An experiment to do with the kids

What does an entomologist say when he discovers a spider that makes a fake spider? “Shut. Up.

These one-line portraits of stormtroopers and the like are flippin awesome

This is the coolest video I have seen of the Sun. Bar none

The latest “Bad Lip Reading” with the NFL is hilarious. Here’s the science behind the laughter 

Awesome minimalist science imagery

The REAL power of thought, with none of that “The Secret” bulls***

 Methane bubbles under ice are gorgeous

This *awesome* sci-fi short was written, directed, and animated by one guy. He’s 22

The friend is a scarce resource, or she’s just not that into you. The Science of the Friend Zone

A great video debunking the pernicious “no global warming in last 16 years” MYTH

A GIF of what a stinging jelly looks like (Scary)

 No astronaut wanted to admit that he wore a “small” condom, so NASA changed the smallest size to “large”

I like how this precocious 11-year old can easily point out the underlying flaw in Eric Hovind’s creationist logic

Is light a particle or a wave? Well…

Not only is the peacock spider a flashy dresser, its babies look like sloths!

This “Word as Image” video is pretty cool. Great visualization

The new TBS show “King of the Nerds” should be structured exactly like this (at least for the men)

A 1-minute neuroscience rebuttal of Eben Alexander’s NDE trip to heaven on Larry King Now


 Ohhhhhhh. That’s what pi is!

How many harmful biological agents are actually lost/released in science labs? “Sh**, where’s the anthrax?!

Boy gets tetanus because parents didn’t vaccinate him. They do a complete 180 and advocate for vaccination. Hope.

Guess what? When you don’t have the threat of eternal damnation looming over you, you are more compassionate

Huge genetic study turns up almost nothing for depression vulnerability

 Vaccine Schedule Is Totally Safe, No Link to Any Developmental Disorders. Or, Jenny McCarthy is full of s***

Log scales are for quitters | XKCD

Thinking of going “raw” vegan? Think again

It’s easy to deride Evolutionary Psychology. So easy you can make it a game!

Physicists show that stars streaking across the sky during a hyperspace jump in a sci-fi movie is bullsh**

Riddle me this: An icy physics puzzler

She’s derived from a mammary gland cell and we couldn’t think of a more impressive pair of glands than Dolly Parton’s

How big are the axons in a giant squid? Surprising

XKCD on the mathematics of germs

Getting to the bottom of the effect of lead on crime rates

 How high do you have to drop a steak from to cook it?

Pop Culture

Don’t send RL Stine Ermahgerd memes. He doesn’t understand it or like it

 In 1936, a young girl wrote to Einstein and asked, “Do scientists pray?

I’m a research fellow with the JREF because James Randi did awesome debunkings like this (Can you debunk them before Randi?)

Steven Novella on the worst conspiracy theory to date

“I work with a lot of anorexics, and they feel euphoria, too.” On the nonsense of juice “cleanses”

In “restoring faith in humanity” news, window washer dresses up as Spiderman at children’s hospital

 Beijing is so smoggy that it looks like Blade Runner

The Empire responds to the White House: “Such destructive power can only be wielded by a leader such as Emperor Palpatine.”

The new art of invisible man Liu Bolin is still great

The 6 Best Dresses At The Golden Globes–The Onion


You’ll have fun making this nerdy little piece of Portal art

 When you leave a cold storage facility alone, I guess it ends up like this. Absolutely stunning

The Gentleman’s Guide to Amputation “Success! Time for Brandy!”

Reggie Watts sings about going to another planet, while being the coolest dude on this one

This is how The Hobbit should have ended

The Hobbit FX reels! The “pale orc” facial cap. was particularly impressive

Did someone say something bad about you? Quote this crab

The “Disco Clam” is awesome, not as dirty as it sounds, as cool as the Bee Gees

You day will always be brightened by super cool chemistry GIFs

 Dad turns vaccuum and hair tie into genius ponytail machine

Goodness, the animation in this video game trailer is unbelievable. Better than Avatar

The Kiss of Death” by Jaume Barba (1930) – simply stunning.

Some of the best art you will find is on MTG cards

Let’s say that a snowman owes you money. Here are 10 ways to show him you mean business

I found a loophole to wish for more wishes. Suck on that, genie

“Solar Halos” are better than rainbows. Yeah, I said it.

History channel should listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson

So this happened: Iron Man cat helmet

Test your nerdiness by attempting to name the Star Wars alphabet (not easy)

If you like Adventure Time like I do, you’ll like this art of Finn and PB all grown up

 Reminding you what it’s like to read the comments on anything you put on the Internet

Talk about commitment. A complete, fan made, live-action, recreation of Toy Story

I love how these pictogram movie posters simplify things

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