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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

Have a happy new year!

I have marked the best links with a. Enjoy.

Must Read

How a leaf-cutter ant colony is a cow, and fungi are its guts

A fascinating tale of what happens after you are decapitated

Piecing together the eating habits of sabertooth cats based on their characteristic chompers

The underground, quantum alchemist that is the earthworm

Must See

The *masters* of disguise are squishy and intelligent

 Okay, I *love* spiders, and even I’m a bit terrified by this video of a self-burying spider

 This birds of paradise footage is *jaw-dropping*. “A miracle of evolution” indeed

I could lick 245 iPhones and get the same calories as a BigMac

I recommend the “murmation” and “induction ring” videos: Top 10 science videos of 2012

 This. is. incredible. LRV on the Moon – Apollo 16 – HD Video Stabilized. How do you react to a horizon of black?

More so the latter–A Real-Time Singing MRI Holiday Greeting/Nightmare Fodder

The Earth is round, here’s 10 examples of how we know

These illusions will blow your darn mind


 It amazes the hell out of me that these pictures are real

Ventriloquists don’t “throw” their voice: your brain misperceives where the voice is coming from and concludes that a dummy must be speaking.

Two cups of water+very high voltage=crazy water bridge. It’s still being studied.

If you are simultaneously able to process dairy and a creationist, add another contradiction to the list. We evolved lactose tolerance.

The Obscure Animal Alphabet: Axolotl to Zebu

“For many animals, virgin birth is far from a miraculous event.” Interesting and pretty gallery

All that “exhaust” during a shuttle launch? It’s really water vapor boiled away from a tank meant to absorb sound waves and prevent fires.

 “A recent Canadian report shows no systematic, empirical proof that organic food is purer, tastier or more nutritious.”

You can drown on dry land: in your own blood, produced by a pulmonary edema brought on by a funnel-web spider bite.

All the best science stuff of 2012 in one infographic

Almost impossible to separate the strands: Relationships Among Scientific Paradigms

Pop Culture

WOW. Creationist textbooks are garbage

 An important comic about what schizophrenia is, and what it is not

XKCD on the oddness of Christmas tradition

This is what 33 tons of water breaking out of a shark tank looks like


HA. USB cables exist in 4-D space

Beautiful time lapse photos of naked people dancing [SFW]

Sparklers have enough fuel in them to burn underwater

The evolution of our ideas, in comic form

This photo of the veil nebula should be on a MTG card. So hauntingly beautiful…

 You have never seen a shuttle launch like this. Dreams of the last frontier enveloped in a cloud of obscuring vapor.

This is everything Bart Simpson has ever written on the chalkboard

Have you ever seen a Mandarin fish? Goodness they are pretty

Let this panorama of mountain observatories sink in, sink in

 Imagine yourself as a useful little enzyme and play this game! And beat it, or else incur my derision.

The design of this website is brilliant: The True Cost of an iPhone

When the atmosphere conspires to be an AT-AT

A suitably weird GIF to end your Christmas. “Santa, You Son of a Bitch”

These minimalist philosophy posters need to be in my bedroom

The only Christmas GIF.

This is probably the secret location of Santa’s secret present fortress

You’re the standard candle of cuteness #nerdlove

Cosmic Sans: best font? nerdiest font? both?

There was some resistance at first, but eventually I showed her my Ohm-face. #nerdlove

Zombie Iron Man cosplay is the best cosplay

The 11 rules of computer hacking that movies make up

If you like weird indie games, and Skrillex, enjoy this for a while

Cooool. 8-bit minimalist movie posters

 Artist takes her illustration for biology class to a whole other level. WOW

You can never have enough brainbows

Italian city gets all philosophical, bans round goldfish bowls because it gives them a “warped view of reality”

Andrew Wakefield gets “lifetime achievement in quackery” for being a dishonest broken of children harm

Look in awe at these space photos while the hourglass nebula watches you

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