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I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. You can find the hundreds of links from previous weeks here.

Happy Holidays!

I have marked the best links with a. Enjoy.

Must Read

On Kurzweil: “His confidence…allows him to shrug off contradictory facts as mere temporary inconveniences.”

“We are not witnessing the work of industry puppet-masters. This is the scientific process in action.”

∞ NatGeo has struck a goldmine with these writers: The Evolution of Cavities by Carl Zimmer.

Why is a bad lip-synching of Twilight so damn funny? It’s all about how our brain processes speech

edward and bellaWhen You Swallow A Grenade. Carl Zimmer on antibiotics, our microbiome, and roses.

There is a Power Balance cock ring, and it might actually “work.”

Mojo Ion

Must See

A shaking mammal can remove about 70% of the water trapped in its fur in few seconds, when fully wet [slow-mo videos!]

HA, awesome. Chemistry DUBSTEP

Capturing and enjoying the present moment: It Is Always Now by Sam Harris.

It’s raining outside, do you walk or run? Solve it with math! by MinutePhysics

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye. A great and vital explainer

What boiling water looks like when thrown in -41ºC weather? EXPLAINED

Dumb Ways to Die–Walking Dead Style [Spoilers] Beware of humans

Watch a spider weave its web. Wonderful.


You get more mercury eating a tuna sandwich: Keep thimerosal in vaccines: pediatricians

In a Manhattan-sized chunk of rainforest, how many arthropods are there? (a LOT) By Ed Yong

Prove the Pythagorean Theorem with CHART PORN! Awesome GIF

What if the 3 Wise Men followed a star? Where would they end up? | XKCD

In 2009, the Ig Nobel Prize in medicine was for showing that knuckle cracking didn’t cause arthritis. By only cracking 1 hand for 60 years.

“Oh you think you are so smart, don’t you nematode? I can sense you coming!”

Straight up fascinating: Cicadas’ life cycles may be in synch with lower bird populations, or may even “engineer” them.

FYI: “Panthers” do not exist as a species. But they sure are beautiful

Next time I go to the bathroom, I’ll be thinking about geckos. Here’s why.

Need to stop rhino poachers? Inject the horns with poison.

This spider fakes out predators by making a facsimile of itself. Beyond cool

Pop Culture

That eagle snatching a baby video? Completely faked by animation students

“I’d like to remind everyone that autism is not an explanatory factor in [the shooter’s] actions.”

Addressing pro-gun arguments from readers head-on: What do you think? Persuaded?

I made these points over and over last week, you might have too: 10 Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They’re Wrong

Piers Morgan *does not* suffer anti-gun control advocates making bad arguments

2012 has been the greatest year in the history of the world


With 1,000 hours of flight experience, I could qualify as a potential astronaut #justsaying

Feel like watching something amazing? Watch this gymnast and his wheel

Huh. There’s a British equivalent of “That’s what she said,” and it’s nearly a century old.

When you date a professional manga artist, suddenly Dragon Ball Z becomes all the more awesome because, 1. She could draw me as Goku, 2. The intro to the show is f***ing awesome (unrelated)

This picture says something profound about climate change, but what it says is up to you

A star’s “sonic boom” through the universe is *gorgeous*

This crinoid fossil is like an alien face-hugger. Beautifully preserved. More info here

Great picture of hammerhead sharks, or greatest picture of hammerhead sharks? The rest here

This homegrown video about video game glitches is actually pretty awesome

Some good advice for skeptics here: How to End an Argument on the Internet

“A tale filled with so much manly compassion you’ll think you’re watching Brokeback Mount. Doom” LOTR’s honest trailer

Heh. Mr. Show: The Limits of Science. Reminds me of homeopathy

These are space suits. For dogs. That is all.

The year in GIFS

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the other eight lives were much more fulfilled.

Shoot for the Moon, if you miss…you’ll find death’s cold embrace. Sweet dreams [Image]

25055_515168725170810_893337275_n“Frost flowers,” he was told. “I’d never heard of them,” Jeff says, “but they were everywhere.”

Can a man really be hit square in the face with a steam iron and walk away unfazed? FINALLY someone wrote this

What would the end of the world look like anyway? Majora’s Mask pegged it

From the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena comes this fish tornado

A picture of Saturn’s shadow is something to behold

Awesome: Visualizing earthquakes and their waves

As a calorie-restrictor myself, this is troubling (because I know I’m guilty of this.

The End of the World? [Infographic] Great summary of the positions (and why the believers are wrong)

“Do not invoke the gods to fill gaps in your understanding. Apply your mind, and leave the gods to their leisure.”—Lucretius

New Orleans takes a stand against teaching creationism.  We win this round

Butterflies drinking turtle tears and fish tornadoes in this gallery

Assburger’s Syndrome: The belief that a self-diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome entitles you to be an asshole

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