I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness.

I have marked the must-read/see with a . Enjoy.

If you have never seen what results after you detonate an atomic bomb underwater, do yourself a favor and watch this

What if you detonated an atomic bomb at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

“The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition” – Carl Sagan

One of my favorite new blogs produces some gorgeous (computerized) shots of fluids in motion

This TED talk is simultaneously an unknowing critique of the TED culture AND funky AND funny

Dude hacks together first “Tesla Gun.” He reports no fatalities

Mon: Purr, Tues: Sleep, Wed: MURDER–How much do cats actually kill? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can you guess what this weird gun/pelvic-exam looking thingy is really for?

Here’s looking at you, squid

Even more adorable–Here’s a cool fact about sea otters and purple sea urchins I learned today

Circles or Tubes optical illusion

Newsweek reports: “Heaven is Real,” or, Heaven is just the neuro-trippy ramblings of a doctor in a coma

Crab’s just walking along, minding its own business, and then – BAM! Death by Cthulhu. Yeesh.

A dutifully skeptical take: The sickening truth about wind farm syndrome

Bert: “What do you mean Romeny wants to cut PBS funding?

She keeps blowing my mind and I love it! Recreational math FTW–Hexaflexagons 2 is live! And crazy!

Give this guy a show!: How Much Does a Shadow Weigh? A bit disjointed but good

Who’s in charge? Zombie bees and the self. Great article

Bill Nye: Paul Broun ‘Unqualified To Make Decisions About Science, Space, And Technology

*Knowledge Updated* A review of the sci literature fails to support the idea of premenstrual cycles (PMS) and negative mood

A revealing look: When Men are Raped

Man builds giant slingshot to fire vibrators at ballistics gel, because, why not?

TIL: Some areas of Canada send children home from school because there are too many mountain lions roaming around.

Fantastic new Minute Physics video on waves, fields, and real world “telekinesis”

The folds of life–Scientific origami!

Guess how many M&Ms are in a jar with physics!

From the pit itself–Thanks, the Journal of Are You F***ing Kidding for clearing that up: “Hell not source of science,” Satan says.

The State of Mental Illness [INFOGRAPHIC]

*Nerdgasm* You Have to See This Incredible LEGO Batcave. No Excuses.

I take pleasure in the fact that you will have a mini war inside yourself deciding whether or not to click this: Anal Sex: Science’s Last Taboo

Newsweek proclaimed that “Heaven is Real,” but near-death experiences have a number of good theories behind them.

Feel like destroying your brain for a moment? Look at this

A scorching critique of Noah’s Ark: Ship of Foolishness

This journal figure looks more like an Adult Swim story board than part of a study.

The naive dualism of online and offline: “Facebook is real life,” Must read

The NIMH est. that *317 billion* is spent every year treating 6% of the US population who have serious mental illness #WorldMentalHealthDay

Look after your microbiome! Showering is overrated

Let’s all learn about poop therapy!

In related dino news–On a geologic timescale, DNA has a short half-life. That means no T-rex DNA for us

“Don’t move, it can’t see us if we don’t move” chomped by T-Rex>

At 1250 comments, my republished Scientific American piece on HuffPost Science seems to have struck a nerve

This carved pumpkin laughs at your feeble attempt to craft a scary face this Halloween

Anime characters look white/American to us, but that’s what Japanese people think Japanese people look like  *mind blown*

Mental health care costs (57 billion) are the 3rd most costly, behind heart conditions and trauma and tied with cancer. #WorldMentalHealthDay

In a year, only 13.4% of US adults with a mental disorder are receiving minimally adequate treatment from any source. #WorldMentalHealthDay

Around 50% of US adults will be diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime #WorldMentalHealthDay

Newly discovered spider has soul-eating fangs

FYI, that new huge-jaw spider could probably do this to you

A murmuration of starlings, it’s beautiful, just watch

The last thing to happen during a car crash is realizing you are in a car crash

A concise deconstruction of the “Heaven is Real” claim by neuroscientist Steve Novella

THIS is what gifs are for: Rotating nebulae

I remember reading this book, it was fascinating: The Timeline of a World Without Us

Nobel Prize winner Sir John Gurdon and I have the same hairdo. Also, Streetfigher #wheresmynobel

This is what the Dark Side of the Moon album cover should have looked like. Trippy conceptual light waves

For the 2012 Nobel Prizes: How Do We See Light?

Where did the phrase “The dog ate my homework” come from? A priest’s hungry dog

The best and worst DVD commentary, provided by Schwarzenegger

This turtle pees out of its mouth and has a scrotum-like pig nosed face. That is all

XKCD trolls the wind

It took an extreme summer for Americans to acknowledge climate change, but now 75% do

Creationists think the Earth is younger than any evidence suggests, but where do they get their numbers?

Much cooler than signatures of people who fake concern–Your X-ray can now be printed onto your cast

Survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse with these tools and tricks [Infographic]

Wow. Really? 1 in 3 doctors believe that medically unexplained symptoms stem from spiritual problems.

“No dark social, no Internet universe, man! Just a big crunch.” How We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

What an absolutely fascinating read: Unmasking the Internet’s Biggest Troll

PZ Myers annotates a letter to a newspaper from a homeschooled teenager about evolution, homosexuality, and ducks

BTW, if you haven’t seen how ducks have sex, you will thank me later for this weirdness.

I think by “pugnacious” they mean “flippin deadly”: Bull shark has the strongest shark bite

Orange fire worm, posted for the sake of art=nature discussions

Free speech is also about your freedom to hear. Who do you trust to censor?

I know it’s been bugging you: Why Aren’t There Giant Insects? (see what I did there?)

This music video is a much cooler depiction of human panspermia that Prometheus’

I just hardlined a bag of Lance Armstong’s blood, can I bike up a mountain yet?

Watching slime solve a maze is pretty sweet

Evidence, acupuncture, and the systematic review

It’s the little things in life, like seeing bees make blue and green honey after eating candy

Sam Harris takes a look at Newsweek’s “Heaven is Real” story, with characteristic sharpness

New Mars panorama is haunting, like something should be there, I don’t know

A very clever refutation of “irreducible complexity” using the evolution of the mousetrap

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler – Albert Einstein

SPACE PORN: NASA releases amazing planetary nebulae photos

Oil, water, lightning, what more do you want?

“I’m the goddamn Michael Jordan of blurring the line between metaphor and reality!