I have dug through the Internet this week and uncovered all this science/pop culture goodness. I have marked the must-read/see with a . Enjoy.

It’s exactly what we would expect–Is There a Strong Link between Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change?

“Put your money where your mouth is!” Uh..we do. An Open Letter to Simon Cowell: We Can Help | D.J. Grothe

The Meissner-Ochsenfeld Effect is definitely the coolest of those effects you should have heard of, it is quantum levitation in action!

Been out of engineering too long…Test your physics knowledge: 10 effects you should have heard of.

Science Fact #516: In theoretical physics, a kugelblitz is a concentration of energy so intense that it creates an event horizon…

FYI: “No scientific evidence exists to support the effectiveness of any of the conversion therapies that try to change sexual orientation.”–American Psychological Association

This guy does some great science explainers: How Hot Can it Get?

You should see all the money us bloggers get from criticizing anti-GM positions! It’s like this.

A “pièce de résistance” tiger beetle photo by Ted C. MacRae

Re: Romney’s “epidemic”–There is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease according to CDC, & constant use of antibiotics breeds more resistance.

 Wow–Villagers collecting scrap from a crashed spacecraft, surrounded by thousands of white butterflies

Some say weird, I say adorable–After some consideration I hereby proclaim this to be the weirdest ant ever.

Attention, peddlers of cosmetics, motor oil, gasoline, and cheapjack vitamins: *everything* works “on a molecular level”.

io9 picks up my piece on why nuclear reactors glow a deadly blue. My original here.

FYI: Abstinence-only sex education does. not. work.

The moral case for sex before marriage, and what a case it is. I agree with nearly every single thing in this article

Does shooting a gun underwater look cool? Yep.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” recreated using a mosaic of Hubble shots. Enjoy.

This isn’t science, but it is definitely the worst movie death scene ever.

“Don’t try this at home, you know, because of all the face-melting and stuff”

What is having 100+ sharks swim around you while listening to dub-step like? This.

If you don’t know what a decompressive hemicraniectomy is, or haven’t seen skull kept alive in an abdomen, read this. SCIENCE!

The Wellcome Collection’s Best Science Photography Of 2012. The brain photo is amazing.

This Wikipedia page on exposing a city to repeated sonic booms is actually a pretty good read–Operation Bongo II

The Daily Show destroys anti-science talk by gathering some amazing and hilarious sounds bites.

Here’s the huge August solar eruption in glorious HD, also, perhaps the hippest music NASA has used?

Though there is a lot that CSI exaggerates, this is pretty darn close, and also awesome.

The is the coolest/most bizarre chemical reaction I have ever seen. It’s deadly, and was once marketed to children.

Really need to spread your genes? Evolve a penis shaped like a medieval weapon.