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Sometimes it is necessary to take a few steps back and look at the big picture. In the evolution/creationism debate, there is a more fundamental question we can ask other than questions of the fossil record, genetics, or morphology. We can ask, do religion and science evaluate the world differently? If so, suddenly the tiny details get drowned out by the epistemology.

By using a basic conversation about the different ways of knowing the world, as told by adorable bunny figurines, we can take a step back and consider which way of knowing seems to best fit into the larger picture of reality.

The following conversation could be thought of as between a creationist relying on the Bible for direction on the diversity of life and a scientist collecting evidence about it. However, this conversation could characterize many differences between valuing tradition versus valuing independent evidence.

When scientists first began collecting the evidence for evolution, they were opposed by a strong contingent of other scientists and authorities in society that had already accepted the creationist world view. But the evidence kept piling up. Today, we have a theory which is every bit as much a fact as gravity.

How should we discover the world? Do we keep our minds open, letting the evidence we gather and the observations we make steer us? Or should we accept the dictations of a few powerful men, whose time has long past?

Now, did you think you would get such a lesson from tiny bunnies?

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