I have done a “Science Fact of the Day” everyday for the last 500 days in a row.

As my summer schedule ramps up, and I work more diligently with my outside publishings, I will not be able to keep up the constant flow of science facts (I will still try my best). So, to that end, I have decided to simply number each additional fact, adding to the already sizable archive of science tidbits.

So, bear with me as I transition into writing more intermittently but at greater length, and I hope you will stick around, as science never sleeps. You can also find me constantly tweeting here and posting up science links on the Facebook page here.

Oh, I almost forgot:

MRI, as in “MRI scan,” stands for magnetic resonance imaging. However, this leaves out an important part of the process. The scan works by manipulating the atoms in your body with magnetic fields. To be perfectly accurate, the process then involves working with nuclear magnetic resonance. But because inventors suspected that people would be freaked out by the word “nuclear,” the N was dropped from the acronym.