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That should do for just about anyone, I suspect.

I find similar passion in a “dull, cold, scientific world.” You know where my god is? Where my spirituality is? It’s knowing that every atom in your body was birthed in the broiling guts of a star that once fantastically exploded. It’s breathing in the same air as the dinosaurs and it’s seeing the Earth’s scarred visage on the top of a mountain. It’s in realizing that you are the latest iteration in ecological feedback loop going back billions of years. It’s seeing the look in someone’s eyes that triggers a veritable cascade of neurotransmitters making you weak in the knees. It’s having a dragonfly land on your toe on a sunny day. It is everything except a never present phantom. It is everything except being forced to love and praise a tradition which you also must fear. It is physical life. Life examined, life realized.