You think an operating room is clean? Well…it is. You have to keep out all of the potentially harmful bacteria.

But it is certainly not the cleanest room in the world. For example, manufacturing microchips requires a room that is 1000 times cleaner than an operating room.

Microchips must be kept completely clean and free of impurities for optimum performance. To ensure this, workers make them in “clean rooms” that are kept free of contamination.

They wear special lightweight garments, called “bunny suits,” over their clothes to keep lint or other particles from contaminating the clean room. Managers closely monitor workers going in and out of the clean, and workers must put on a new bunny suit each time they go in.

The work pace in clean rooms is deliberately slow. Because the machinery sets the operators’ rate of work, workers keep a relaxed pace. Limiting movement in the clean room is important to keep the air as dust-free as possible.

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