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Researcher Steve Schutz offers his arm to a legion of hungry, lab-bred mosquitoes everyday (having been bitten over 150,000 times in the last 12 years!), but has in fact built up a tolerance to the itch-inducing saliva that would surely drive any other person in his position crazy. He has donated his arm (and blood) to science in order to save on time, and to satisfy the insects which prefer pre-warmed blood. It’s of course important work, as the lab where Steve works studies the effects of pesticides on the bugs, to test if, and how quickly, they become resistant. Though I commend Steve for his dedication, I have seen mosquitoes feed by what is basically a blood sausage. But then again, if your mosquito bites went away as quickly as Steve’s it might be simply over-thinking it.

Try not to cringe seeing that many mosquitoes on one arm.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a close-up video of the process: