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When something beneficial happens to a person of faith, we are told that god is good. But when children under the age of five are killed by the millions each year, we are told that god is mysterious. To confuse this for morality is a failure of reasoning.

The video below lays out this argument in detail.

The alternative explanation of course is that tragic things happen to children as a results of natural, economic, and environmental factors. This is terrible, but you must realize that the world was not made for us. Just like any other organism, we are subject to the callous vortex of physical laws. To acknowledge this is important. With this view we can properly appreciate the suffering of others without explaining it away with a “god’s plan” type of argument.

Attributing suffering to a god necessarily makes the claim that this god is perfectly good nonsensical. If we are to live in a rational world, you must have enough moral fortitude to accept both the cruel and the wonderful of our world. To give agency to these happenings is “the perfection of narcissism,” and cheapens the suffering of other human beings.