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The belief in free will is something that touches all corners of our life. It engages feelings of moral responsibility, accomplishment, and shame, and it underlies much of our criminal justice system and politics.

However, according to the latest science on the subject, there is almost undeniable evidence that free will is an illusion of an illusion. For an explanation of what that truly means, I defer to philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris.

In the talk below Harris outlines the scientific arguments against free will and goes through basically his entire new book of the subject. If you are into enlightening talks that challenge your beliefs (and may change your life, as it did for me), take an hour to watch the talk below and to do away with the notion of a freedom of the will.

You can buy Harris’ short, engaging, and provocative book that this talk is based on here. Like his others books, it completely changed my view on something that I thought I knew something about. I highly recommend it.

You can disagree with this position (vehemently for some of you, I suspect), in the comment section below.