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Meet the Sand Flea, an amazing 11-pound remotely controlled car that can leap 30 feet in the air (9.1 meters), enough to get onto the roof of a tall building. Developed for the military, this little robot would help soldiers survey the battle field quickly and effectively.

The demonstration is certainly impressive, but the company who created this little guy, Boston Dynamics, also created a far more impressive robot called the Big Dog. It is an incredible piece of engineering. The technology that allows a robot to walk through uneven forest ground, over snow and gravel, is amazing. It is so biologically lifelike in the way that it moves that I am pretty sure the video below will freak you out.

Pay close attention to how the Big Dog can even right itself after being kicked or slipping on icy ground, which takes a crazy amount of tech to pull off. Again developed for military use, seeing a robot like this meandering through the war zone would (will) be downright spooky.

[Via Gizmodo]