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Though I typically would only post them one at a time, there has been an influx in cool science videos coming in my RSS feed. So, in the interest of awesome science, here you go:

The Evolution of the Moon

You can find more information here.

How Einstein proved the size of atoms

How Japanese honey bees kill a ginormous wasp by surrounding it in a hot, vibrating “defensive bee ball”

Click for video and more information

Learning about how rattlesnakes strike squirrels by using a robot

More information about the testing (and why tail wagging is important) here.

Why light is quantum

What a trip through a wormhole would look like

Very trippy, click here for the video and a lot more cosmic information.

Sledgehammer meets television, in ultra slow motion

Click for video and more information

The first living animal ever imaged with a scanning electron microscope

More information here.