To the other side of the world!

For the holidays I will be traveling throughout Hong Kong and China, hopefully documenting the state of pseudoscience in the small portion of the country which I will be seeing.

Because I do not know if this blog or the usual sites that I frequent will be behind the Great Fire Wall of China, worst case scenario is that I will not be posting here until the new year.

Even if that does happen, you can still find the science fact of the day everyday and you can read my latest JREF posts here and here if you haven’t yet. Best case scenario I will be bringing you all of the same tidbits of science and skepticism that you are used to.

During the brief hiatus I will be working on a lot of new interesting material and research ideas (the cognitive information processing measures associated with critical thinking on the Internet, for example) that I will hopefully bring to you later this year.

If you read nothing else this year of mine, have a happy Newtonmas!

While I admire the Big Bang Theory for including the acknowledgment of the Judeo-Christian savior-birth, I don’t think we should celebrate the fictional birth of a mythological character anymore than we should thank Thor for every Thursday (origin:Thors-day).