Sometime in the next week or so there will be officially 7 billion people on planet Earth. That kid will probably be famous for the first day that he/she is born, then intermittently throughout his/her life as he/she uses it as a pickup line/bedtime story.

But who cares about the 7 billionth kid when you can now (approximately) calculate what you exact birth number was?

The BBC has an awesome interactive graphic up on their site showing just that. Not only will it calculate your birth number based on your age, it will tell you your country’s current population, the birth/death rates, how many people are born while you are viewing the site, and even the associated calculations for your birth number. It also has the official counter for when child number 7 billion should be born. It’s pretty sweet.

For an example, here’s my number:

There are a few things that you can see from the graph. First, I was the 5,189,281,715th person alive on Earth (suck it number 7 billion!). Second, as gleaned from the number below it, around 80 billion human beings came before me (which is crazy in itself to think about). Third, as you can see from the trend on the graph, we are headed for some serious crowding.

So go ahead and give it a shot. Demography should always be this interesting.