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I sort through the science so that you don’t have to…

Climate Change: What We Do and Do Not Know

The Earth is warming and green house gas emissions (caused by humans) are to blame, we know that. What we do not know is how hot is will get, how much seas will rise, and generally how bad it will be.

Read the article for a deeper explanation. [This is important for your science literacy!]

The Secrets of Bird Flocking Revealed

Incorporate a few simple rules into your behavior and you can have up to 30,000 flocking birds acting as one. They’re aren’t one large hive-mind, rather they are instinctively programmed to behave in immediate relation to their neighbor. The benefits of flocking are yet to be discovered, but it might make it easier for the group to identify and avoid predators.

Watch a Draconid Meteor Explode in the Atmosphere

On the evening of Saturday 8 October, Earth plunged through a stream of dust and rocks that had been expelled into space by the comet Giacobini–Zinner. The resultant meteor shower lit the skies over Europe with shooting stars. Research teams equipped with planes and cameras captured the footage of this debris igniting in our atmosphere.

The Internet Uses 2% of Global Energy Resources

Running and maintaining the internet is like illuminating several billion 100W bulbs simultaneously. But it’s a small number compared with global energy use across all sectors. That figure is 16 terawatts, so the internet is responsible for less than 2 per cent of the energy used by humanity.”

Teachers Have Little Time to Teach Science

Why is the US falling behind in science and technology? Our students get poor science educations.

“Forty percent of elementary teachers say they spend just 60 minutes or less teaching science each week. Just one-third of elementary teachers say they feel prepared to teach science, but 85 percent of teachers say they have not received any professional development in science during the last three years. And while nine in ten principals say science education is very important and should start early, less than half of principals (44%) believe it is likely that a student would receive high-quality science instruction in his or her school.”

Americans Have a Fascination with Zombies

An anthropological look at why the zombie phenomenon so often shambles throughout our society.