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Brain Power

You have 3 pounds of brain in your head, mostly water. But what you can do with it is staggering.

You have 1 billion neurons with 1 quadrillion synapses which can process 10 impulses per second each. This biological construct dwarfs even the largest super computers.

The fastest computer on Earth con produce 1.75 petaflops (a thousand trillion floating point operations per second) while consuming 7 megawatts of power (6,300 homes).

Your brain power has been estimated at 100 petaflops requiring only 20 watts.

What would it be like to practically harness such power?

Super Humans

Chao Lu: Memory

In 2005, Chao Lu memorized an recited 67,890 digits of pi without error. It took 24 hours and 4 minutes. That is one digit every 1.2 seconds, continuously. He was a 24 year old college student at the time.

Ramon Campayo: Memory

Holding the most speed memory records, Campayo can memorize 17 numbers in half a second and 46 binary numbers in one second, among others. 46 binary numbers look like this by the way: 1010111010001011101100001101010101010101111001

Daniel Tammet: Synesthesia

At the age of 4, Tammet suffered several epileptic seizures, which is believed to have given him his condition. He sees numbers as colors and shapes and can do massive calculations without conscious effort. This includes cube roots to hundreds of decimal places and reciting 22,514 digits of pi in 5 hours. He speaks ten languages, became fluid in Icelandic in one week, and is a best-selling author.

Orlando Serrel: Acquired Savant

When he was 10, he was hit on the head by a baseball and was otherwise unaffected. Now 42, he can instantly recall every day of the week, the weather, and what he was doing for every single day since his accident. He is a janitor at Wal-mart.

Derek Pavacinini: Musical Genius

Born weighing 1.5 ponds, blind, and autistic, he cannot tell right from left or count to ten, but he can play every song he has ever heard in any style . He can also identify and play 10 notes that are played simultaneously for him.

Kim Peak: This is who the movie “Rain Man” is based on.

He knew every area and zip code for the entire US, and could give map-quest like directions within any major city or between them, could read two pages of a book at once (one with each eye), and has read over 12,000 books this way with a 98% accuracy recall rate. He was not mentally retarded or autistic, but was unable to master basic life skills. He was missing the corpus callosum, which connects the hemispheres or your brain.

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