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The number of people using mobile phones is constantly rising with more than five billion subscriptions worldwide in 2010. This has led to concerns about potential adverse health effects, particularly tumours of the central nervous system.

Dangerous? No. Cute? Yes.

We have said here not one, not two, but three, times already that there is no evidence linking cell phone use to brain cancer. Health organizations, medical studies, and classic physics all contradict the supposed link. And, to further bolster this already strong evidence against the link, we have another study showing the same.

The Study

In what is described as the biggest study ever on the subject, Danish researchers found no evidence that the risk of brain tumours was raised among 358,403 mobile phone subscribers over an 18-year period. Talk about a huge sample size. Many opponents to this evidence claim that we haven’t looked at the long-term effects of cell phone use, but 18 years of study is surely enough time to see any effects.

To this end, examining the long-term effects, when the figures were restricted to people with the longest mobile phone use – 13 years or more – cancer rates were almost the same in both long-term users and non-subscribers of mobile phones. Because the study included this all-important control group, with the only variable being cell phone use, we can say that cell phone use had no effect on tumor generation.

And it’s not just brain tumors, the study found no increased incidence for either tumours of the central nervous system or for all cancers combined in mobile phone users.


Even with the largest studies ever undertaken, with the longest term so far looked at, there is still absolutely no evidence that cell phone use leads to cancer of any kind. I know that invisible radiation is scary, but again, remembering simple physics, EMF radiation does not have the power to break chemical bonds and therefore disrupt genetic material to induce cancerous growth. It is non-ionizing. This is why it is safe, and gamma rays (ionizing) are not.

The cell phone and brain cancer link has no support. We cannot yet say definitively that it is totally safe, but the evidence is surely pointing in that direction. People are currently selling devices to “protect” you from these “dangerous” EMF waves produced by cell phones and wi-fi, etc. Remember that someone is always out there ready to cash in on your ignorance.

As far as the evidence for cell phone danger goes, there is none. So stop using the speaker phone as a matter of principle, you’ll be fine.