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I Sort Through the Stories So You Don’t Have To

Today I bring you links from around the wide world of science. We have everything from sewage viruses to bioluminescent waves. Enjoy.

Raw sewage: Home to millions of undescribed viruses [Study]

Biologists have described only a few thousand different viruses so far, but a new study reveals a vast world of unseen viral diversity that exists right under our noses. A paper to be published Tuesday, October 4 in the online journal mBio® explores ordinary raw sewage and finds that it is home to thousands of novel, undiscovered viruses, some of which could relate to human health.

More than 1 in 10 parents reject or delay vaccines mainly because of safety concerns…[Study]

Worries about vaccine safety were common even among parents whose kids were fully vaccinated: 1 in 5 among that group said they think delaying shots is safer than the recommended schedule. The results suggest that more than 2 million infants and young children may not be fully protected against preventable diseases, including some that can be deadly or disabling.

New research shows $6.7 billion spent on unnecessary tests and treatments in one year [Study]

Researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found that $6.7 billion was spent in one year performing unnecessary tests or prescribing unnecessary medications in primary care, with 86 percent of that cost attributed to the prescription of brand-name statins to treat high cholesterol.

Study shows humans still evolving [Study]

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides evidence of human evolution and rapid genetic changes suggesting that, contrary to modern claims, technological and cultural advancements have not halted the evolutionary process in humans.

Dark Energy FAQ [Science Communication]

In honor of the Nobel Prize, here are some questions that are frequently asked about dark energy, or should be.

Electrifying blue waves luring awe-struck crowds to San Diego beaches [Video]

…The bioluminescence is caused by a chemical reaction involving the phytoplankton Lingulodinium polyedrum, and the movement of the waves…

The Billion Dollar ALMA Observatory Can Spot a Golf Ball from 15 Kilometers [Monster Machines]

The windswept, sunburned Chajnantor plateau in Chile rises 16,500 feet above sea level and has some of the driest air on Earth. That makes it the perfect location for the world’s biggest, most sensitive, and most complex ground-based telescope…

This Underwater Cloaking Device Is Insane Looking [Video]

By heating up the water immediately around the nano plate, rays of light are bent away from the material, preventing a reflecting image from reaching an eyeball. The warped rays protect the object from visibility perfectly.

Interstellar Space Travel Is Damn Near Impossible Because It’s So Hard to Have Space Sex [Interesting Science]

The lack of gravity translates to weightlessness which is terrible for humans over a long period of time: it decreases our blood volume, atrophies our muscles, diminishes our bone mineral content and screws with our vision. But most terrible is that it makes it increasingly difficult to have sex.