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Americans move dramatically toward acceptance of homosexuality

In addition to a plurality who now approve of same-sex marriage, Americans overwhelmingly support basic civil liberties and freedom of expression for gays and lesbians, in contrast to sharp division on such issues in the 1970s.

The rise in support for same-sex marriage has been especially dramatic over the last two decades. It went from 11 percent approval in 1988 to 46 percent in 2010…

Tool Using Fish Caught on Tape [Video]

Chimps use rocks to crack open nuts, dolphins use sponges to scare up hidden fish, New Caledonian crowsuse sticks to fish for insects, certain octopuses—those Einsteins of the invertebrate world—use coconut shells as armor. Indeed tool use among mammals, birds and cephalopods is, by now, well documented. In recent years scientists have observed fish engaging in similarly brainy behavior on three occasions. Now Giacomo Bernardi of the University of California, Santa Cruz, has caught another fish in the act—and captured the behavior on video…

How to walk on Mars [Video]

When the first people set foot on Mars, what will be the most efficient gait for them to use? To find out, Australian artist Adam Norton is strapping people into his Martian gravity simulator and getting them to perform laps.

Statistical analysis debunks the old adage ‘Pitching is 75 percent of the game’

This October, the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports will feature the article: An Estimate of How Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, and Base-stealing Impact Team Winning Percentages in Baseball. In it, University of Delaware Professor Charles (Charlie) Pavitt defines the perfect “formula” for MLB teams to use to build the ultimate winning team…

New analysis confirms sharks are in trouble

“There is mounting evidence of widespread, substantial, and ongoing declines in the abundance of shark populations worldwide, coincident with marked rises in global shark catches in the last half-century,” say Mizue Hisano, Professor Sean Connolly and Dr William Robbins from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University…

China web users top 500 million

More people use the web in China than exist in the US.

Everyone’s a little bit racist, but it may not be your fault, study suggests

While previous psychological studies have shown that racism, sexism and ageism tend to be universal, a new study led by Paul Verhaeghen, professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Psychology, found that works in the American culture, namely literature, movies, TV, radio and the Internet, may contribute to the problem by exhibiting the same stereotypes that society works so hard to snuff out…