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Google It

With the pervasiveness of the internet being inescapable, we find ourselves constantly relying on the web for knowledge acquisition and retention. But what has this reliance done to our brains? Some have said that it is making us dumber (which I disagree with, as it depends on how you approach your internet-based information gathering) but it certainly has a plausible effect on our memories.

Instead of archiving knowledge in our brains as we have always done, we may now be using the internet as a sort of external hard drive for our brains, letting it do the work that we can’t otherwise spare the cognitive resources on.

Has this made us superficial and scattered thinkers? Maybe. Has this made us smarter by allowing for searches into anything we could possibly wonder about? Maybe. Allow the infographic below to elaborate on the potential benefits and pitfalls of becoming symbiotic with the web:
Google and Memory
Research and Design by: Online Colleges Site