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Scientific Explanation for Near-Death Experiences

Altogether, scientific evidence suggests that all features of the near-death experience have some basis in normal brain function gone awry. Moreover, the very knowledge of the lore regarding near-death episodes might play a crucial role in experiencing them—a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Just a Guy in a White Lab Coat

Science has transformed our world, so why does the public have such an old-fashioned view of scientists? New Scientist looks at the unshakable stereotypes of science.

Confusions about Vaccine Safety

Popular confusion about the influenza vaccine—how effective and how safe it is—is part of a broader misunderstanding about the flu in general, noted a panel of doctors and health workers on Tuesday at the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza’s annual conference in Malta.

Here are six common misconceptions about the flu, according to the panel—supported by the latest research.

The Power of the Rising Sun

Researchers at USC were surprised recently to discover just how much the rising and setting of the sun drives life on Earth – even in unexpected places.

“Everything is tied to the rotation of the planet”

Glow in the Dark Cats

Scientists exploring possible treatments for HIV have, purely as a byproduct of their methods, earned themselves a spot in today’s science blog postings: They’ve made glowing kittens.