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The Research:

Hospital emergency departments saw over 20,000 injuries due to air and paintball guns in 2008, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Some data:

• About 60 percent of visits for air and paintball gun injuries were for children and adolescents 17 and younger. More than 25 percent were for children aged 10 to 14.

• Males were 5 times more likely than females to be seen for air and paintball gun injuries.

• Visits for air and paintball gun injuries were higher in rural areas (92 per 1 million population) than in urban areas (61 per 1 million population).

• Low-income children and adults were nearly three times more likely than those with higher-incomes to be treated for air and paintball gun injuries, at 93 and 34 visits per 1 million people, respectively.

• One in four visits for air and paintball guns were billed as uninsured, while about one-third of visits were billed to private insurance and another one-third billed to Medicaid.

My Opinion

So what we have is data saying that the people who get hurt with paintball guns are around 17 (or younger), male, live in rural areas, poor, and occasionally without insurance. Fits all the stereotypes that I have about paintballers, so I guess I’ll accept it as true.

But in their defense, there’s not much to do out on the farm. Might as well shoot each other with psi powered rifles until someone gets hurt.


Story: Air and Paintball Gun Injuries Caused More Than 20,000 ER Visits in 2008