Place a soccer ball in a field to represent the Sun. Now take 10 paces in a straight line away from the ball and stick a pin in the ground. The head of this pin represents Mercury.

Take another 10 paces and put down a peppercorn to represent Venus. Seven more paces and place another peppercorn to represent the Earth.

One foot away from Earth, place another pinhead for the Moon. Take note that this is the furthest the humans have ever travelled.

Following this new cosmic scale, it will take you 14 paces to Mars, and 95 more paces to Jupiter (represented by a ping pong ball). 112 more paces and you will reach Saturn (a marble).

How many paces would you need to take to reach the nearest star? Pick up another soccer ball to represent it and take off for a 4,200 mile walk. As for the nearest Andromeda, don’t even think about it.