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The culmination of the previous month’s worth of posts about common misconceptions and science myths: 16 different ways to dispels rumors, quell hearsay, and squelch quackery. So, here you go:

Alcohol Does Not Kill Brain Cells

The Earth is Hottest When It’s Furthest Away

It’s Impossible to Swallow your Tongue

Cockroaches Would Not Survive a Nuclear Apocalypse

An Asteroid Field Would be Easy to Fly Through

How Much Heat do you Lose Through your Head?

Goldfish Do Not Have a 3-Second Memory

The Daddy Long Legs is not “the Most Poisonous Spider”

Eating Turkey is not What Makes you Drowsy

Velociraptors Were Fully Feathered

Diamonds do Not Come from Coal

Hair and Fur are the Same Thing

Lack of Oxygen Turns Blood Red, not Blue

Tidal Waves and Tsunamis are Not the Same Thing

Sitting Too Close to the TV is Not Bad for Your Eyes

The Hemisphere You’re in Does Not Change the Spin of the Water