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It’s been a great month for SBL, thanks to you. Are you enjoying the science fact of the day? How about the installments of underwater beauty? Give me some feedback or suggestions or questions or facts or whatever, I’ll take it all.

I love Carl

Here are the top posts for the month of April, 2011:

  1. Are Airport Body Scanners Safe?– We discuss the science of radiation and how the new scanners at the airport are almost completely benign.
  2. Stop Freaking Out About the “Next Big Quake” America– Showing how, in America, quakes really don’t pose much of a threat.
  3. The Most Poisonous/Venomous Animals in the World– Animals that will surely make you dead.
  4. You Know Smoking Hookah is Just as Bad if Not Worse than Cigarettes, Right?– Although hookah use is on the rise, especially among young people, the dangers of smoking water pipes are mostly unrecognized by their users.
  5. There’s No Need to Whip Race Horses, So Stop Doing It– A study in Australia shows that whipping race horses has no effect on the outcome of the race, so stop doing it!
  6. JREF Announces 5 Worst Pseudoscience Offenders– The James Randi Educational Foundation announces the most dangerous purveyors of pseudoscience.
  7. Ouija Boards: Paranormal Fantasies of the Subconscious– We show how this party trick has fooled its users into thinking that there’s an afterlife.
  8. Good Science is Not Dogmatic– I have a discussion with a Christian Theologian from Princeton about the supposed dogmatism of science.

Thanks again for your readership.