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21 thoughts on “Contact Kyle”

  1. great blog!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog, Kyle! I’m enjoying yours a lot!!

  3. I just made an account and I was wondering if it is possible to suscribe to the fact of the day. Like get an email everyday with the new fact that you guys post?

    Thank you

    • Clicking the “Become a citizen of science!” tab under “Follow this blog by email” on the left side of the page would be the easiest option. You will receive an email with every post, which means that you will get one for each fact of the day. Also, if you use Twitter, you can follow me there (@Sci_Phile) where each science fact of the day will be tweeted.

      Thanks for your interest.

  4. Kyle,
    How about making a Facebook page for SBL? That way everything you share on here can instantly be shared in the news feed of any person that “likes” your page on FB…

    LOVE your blog by the way, and I share the science facts of the day constantly!

  5. Kyle I have been so busy reading your entire blog that I haven’t been writing for my own! We need to get you your own show!

  6. Dear Kyle, I follow your blog from Portugal and I enjoy it tremendously. I’m a physical anthropologist, but also a skeptic and an enthusiast of science in general. Someone shared a video with me on facebook and when I looked at it in more detail I found this amazing project (, which mixes great lines by famous scientist with great electronic music. I just thought you would be interested in posting that on your blog and make your followers aware of it. Of course, as a physical anthropologist, my favorite is the “Children of Africa” clip. Thank you and keep up with the good work!

    • Thank you so much for your support! Comments like that make it all worthwhile.

      Indeed, I have watched almost all of the Symphony of Science videos many times and have almost been drawn to tears on some of them. I will put a link to it up on the Facebook Page.

      Thanks again.

  7. Are you aware that Randi doesn’t keep his word regarding his $1Million challenge. I have applied for it, and he refuses to go ahead. He and his people refuse to answer the phone or emails.

    He knows I will win. My challenge is based upon a hidden language in the English language. Like you, I am an engineer. It is a Math based language placed in English by GOD. You may not believe in GOD, but I know you believe in Math. See:

    I believe you are tied up with a dishonest man. Email me:

    • Hello George,

      I don’t oversee any of the MDC procedures. My guess is that you either did not meet the requirements or that your claim was inherently untestable and therefore not applicable.

      Good Luck.

  8. hey Kyle, great blog — looks like we’ve had some very similar (exactly the same) posts (i.e. Alcohol Does Not Kill Brain Cells). It’s nice to see good info in cyberspace!

  9. Kyle, your blog is truly amazing. I am a fellow science enthusiast and you site is so clean, intuitive, and keeps you coming back for more! I try and support anyone who encourages the wonders of science and nature, and you have certainly succeeded in doing such. While I have not been as faithful with my blog/website/brand as I have been finishing my graduate degree, I feel you may enjoy it. Please check it out!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  10. angelathompson321 said:

    Hi Kyle,
    just wanted to let you know that after reading your blog tonight I feel totally deflated! I’ve just started writing a blog (The Daily Science) this week and was dead chuffed (British for really happy) with what I had written until I saw this.
    No, only joking a little, honest. But I would like to ask you, since I saw what you are involved in, whether you think writing my little blog would be a good way to gain more experience writing as I would love to break into the freelance writing business and maybe start writing some fillers. I love anything to do with science, psychology and the paranormal, although I am a skeptic. I just don’t have experience or a journalism degree. I have completed half a life sciences degree which was interrupted by having children and now I have no time to complete it. I am a qualified veterinary nurse, but I work as a medical secretary in research at a well-known cancer hospital in Manchester. I don’t think these credentials are going to help me in the freelance world, but I am just full of ideas.
    I would really appreciate some advice, if you have the time.
    Angela (I am now a Citizen of Science)

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