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Hello readers!

After writing about science here fore ~2 years and trying my hand at the big leagues, I have recently been picked up as one of Scientific American’s latest bloggers. I will still post a weekly link round-up here, but if you want the latest in geekery that I am cooking up, you should head over there to see it!

overthinking-it200xGo check it out, and be sure to assimilate the RSS feed, because just look at all the nerdiness I am unleashing over there:

Pacific Rim Physics (Part 1): A Rocket Punch is a Boeing 747 to the Face

Why The Flash is the Only Human Living In the Present

What StarCraft Can Teach Gamers About Fighting Cancer

What Really Happens When Lightning Strikes Sand: The Science Behind a Viral Photo

Costanza and the Whale: Could You Make a Blowhole in One?


And if blog reading isn’t your thing, I still run a Facebook page with a dozen links everyday to interesting science stuff, and I am always nerding-up Twitter.

Thank you so joining me here, and I’ll hope you’ll join me over at my new digs!


Nerds and Words: Week 16

Digging through the Internet this week, I uncovered all this geeky goodness. You can find the thousands of links from previous weeks here.

I have marked my favorite links with a. Enjoy.

Science to Read, Watch

We found a new sex organ in insects. It’s a female “penis”, and it’s the only one.

To make video games feel more realistic, you have to slow them down. Less Sonic, more Call of Duty

New study about the cognitive dangers of marijuana may be half-baked

MIT has made a material that is both mirror and window

Another perpetually recycled workout myth bites the dust: “Cool downs” have no real benefit

You are a forgery and stubbing your toe on a rock is actually a family squabble

Using nearly every form of media to explore the peeps and suspended animation of a frozen frog

Breathe deep and inhale the dust–the story of the universe, our planet, and our world

“We’re confident that ballistic methods are reliable ways of computing pi, should the apocalypse occur”

This unlucky viper messed with the wrong centipede

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